Everything You Need To Know About Wimbledon ’17

The Wimbledon championship is the most popular tennis tournament in the world that takes place in Wimbledon, London, SW19. This year, the tournament took place during the first two weeks of July.

Qualifying 2017: taking place from Monday the 26th of June until Thursday the 29th of June.

Championships 2017: From Monday the 3rd of July until Sunday the 16th of July.

Unlike last year, the championships took place during the last week of June and the second week in July.

Did You Know?

That the Championships at Wimbledon are also known as ‘grand slam’ and the only remaining tournament played on grass?


The Matches Taking Place Are:

  1. Ladies’ singles
  2. Men’s singles
  3. Ladies’ doubles
  4. Men’s doubles
  5. Mixed doubles
  6. Boys’ and girls single
  7. Boys’ and girls doubles
  8. Wheelchair Men’s singles
  9. Wheelchair Men’s doubles
  10. Wheelchair Ladies’ singles
  11. Wheelchair Ladies’ doubles
  12. Invitation doubles


Spectators At The Tournament

Being a fan at the tournament means that you’ve got to put up with the intense heat or even heavy downpours of rain (with the exception of Centre court) which has a retractable roof ideal for all weather types.

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Benefits of Wearing Specs On Court

If you happen to be stuck directly in the sun for hours, watching a long, nail-biting match, then you will need to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, long term damage, cataract, glaucoma and other eye ailments/diseases.

Preventing eyestrain, flashes, squinting as well as headaches will help visibility and seeing clearly.

Sunglasses are particularly required when watching matches on courts with an open rooftop.

Prolonged exposure to the sun could be potentially hazardous for your eyes, although wearing a visor or sun hat to shield your eyes will be helpful.

Who knows what the weather holds?

Wearing specs that will shield your eyes from the sun will no doubt help you have an enjoyable time at the tournament.

Even though Sunglasses are a fashion statement, you are free to make a choice as to which shades to wear at Wimbledon, like Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples, John Lennon inspired or other brands.


The Best Shades For Wimbledon

These Ray-Ban Aviators below were once worn by the late Michael Jackson to protect his eyes.

Originally created as aviation sunglasses to help reduce distraction for pilots caused by colours in the sky.

TheRay-Ban’s anti-glare mechanism, as well as their impact resistant lenses, will be a winner at the championships.

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator

Oliver Peoples sunglasses like the ones below are unique for watching the tennis this season and are best known for their “superior and polarized, photochromic sun lenses.”

Polarized lenses have filters that reduce glare while photochromic ones adapt to light by providing clear vision when indoors but darkens once you’re outdoors.

If you really want to have a great time at Wimbledon pack your shades with you on the day, even if you are going to watch an evening match.

Oliver Peoples OV5364SU HEATON


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