World Book Day 2017: Costume Ideas

little boy in glasses

The build up to World Book Day 2017 has begun. Children, parents and teachers everywhere are brainstorming how to create visually accurate and entertaining costumes of their favourite literary characters.

Even if you are not part of the process itself, pictures of children dressed up as characters from literature tend to go viral around this time, as parents and teachers strive to make the best costumes they can.

If your child wears glasses, this can sometimes limit the costumes that you or they can choose. Whilst some children may be happy incorporating their glasses into any character costume, shyer children may feel self-conscious.

With this in mind we have thought of some costume ideas for children who want their eyewear to be part of their costume.

Sophie from The BFG by Roald Dahl

Shy and loveable Sophie is a character who may have been forgotten in recent years. She is due to make an appearance this year following the live-action remake of The BFG in 2016. For this look, you have two choices depending on your level of creativity and budget. Go simple and use a nighty and glasses for option 1. Or, if you are feeling more creative, find a yellow sheet or blanket and create a ‘BFG hand sewn’ dress for your child to wear. Do not worry if your sewing skills are limited; the more hand made the dress looks, the better the authenticity.

Granny from Gangsta Granny by David Walliams


Possibly one of the best children’s books available today, David Walliam’s hilarious book about a naughty Granny is sure to be a recognisable character this year and incorporates glasses into the look perfectly. This is a look which can also be created without having to make anything (because let’s face it we’re not all good with scissors and thread!) – indeed your local charity shop may have many of the pieces you need for this look (no offence Grannies), making it easy and affordable.

Professors Dumbledore, Trelawny or McGonagall from Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling

Whilst I am reticent to place Harry Potter himself into this list as I think he is possibly one of the most popular glasses-wearing literary characters, there are other characters from the series which your child could dress up as. For example Dumbledore and his “half-moon spectacles” would be a great character to portray, Professor Trelawny with a tea cup full of dried tea leaves would be fun, or perhaps you could dress your child up as a cat with spectacles and be Professor McGonagall post-transfiguration!

harry potter professors costumes

Belle from Beauty and the Beast 
by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve

Okay so before you start shouting at the computer screen, I know Disney’s Belle did not wear glasses, but as a person who grew up with their nose constantly stuck in a book and subsequently in need of glasses by age ten, I can assure you that a real-life Belle would most likely have worn glasses. Also with the anticipated release of the live-action Beauty and the Beast on March 17th this year, everyone is sure to know who your child is portraying.

If your child uses any of these ideas in their costumes this year, please tag us in any pictures you add to social media @SelectSpecs.

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