Your Ultimate Guide to Sunglasses (pt.2)

There was a moment, earlier today, when looking out at the pouring rain battering the window from under my blanket, that I thought that maybe I had been a little preemptive to promise a two-part series on sunglasses.

Let’s face it; in England we are never going to have more than a few week’s worth of sun before the inevitable rain returns. Nevertheless, I am a woman of my word and we still have plenty of sunglasses to look – and swoon – over.

So whether you’re staying at home this summer or seeking out greener pastures elsewhere, check out part 2 of our ultimate guide to sunglasses.

The Sporty


Part 1 of the Ultimate Sunglasses Guide focused pretty heavily on fashion-forward frames, but let’s not forget those that serve a real purpose. If sports holidays – think skiing, cycling and extreme sports – are up your alley, then a pair of sporty sunglasses will serve you well.

The wrap around style keeps your frames on your face and helps to protect your eyes from any damage (pro tip: a wrap around shape also helps keep irritating pollen out of your eyes!), making them the perfect choice when you’re on the go.

As Seen On: All your favourite stars from across the world of sport: Tiger Woods, Bradley Wiggins, Shane Warne. Team GB faves Mo Farah, Jess Ennis and Paula Radcliffe.

Best For: Sporty types looking to get active and bikini-ready this summer.

Pair With: Spandex, racquets and lots and lots of suncream (even if you’re a pro).

Brands: Oakley offer a high-end specialist range of sunglasses – as well as clear lenses – that are suitable for a whole host of athletic pursuits. Also check out your favourite sportswear brands such as Nike and Adidas, to see what they have on offer. At the other end of the scale, Esprit and Bollé have some fantastically stylish sporty frames that will still let you keep your lunch money.

Frames: Bollé Anaconda 2/2Oakley OO9009Nike Adrenaline.


The Clubmaster


Named after the iconic Ray-Ban frames of the same name, the horn-rimmed clubmaster style sunglasses are perhaps the most universally flattering shape of them all. The thick frame across the top of the frames slims down the face, whilst the bare bottom stops the style becoming overwhelming on those with a daintier face shape.

As Seen On: Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson, boy band heartthrob Harry Styles, Hollywood siren Scarlett Johansson, pop legend Beyoncé.

Best For: Those who like an androgynous style, or who like to toughen up a typically girly look. City breakers.

Pair With: typically masculine tailoring and neutral colours. These sunglasses also work very well against the winter sun, so don’t be afraid to bundle up with these on top.

Brands: All your favourite designers have their own version of the Ray-ban classic: Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Univo,

Frames: Ray-Ban ClubmasterBurberry BE4154QPrada PR 11RS, and these by Univo have to count amongst our favourites.


The Colourful


OK, OK you got us; “colourful” isn’t necessarily a frame style per se, BUT it sure does make for a pretty pair of sunglasses. Brighten up your summer wardrobe with a brightly coloured set of specs, or pair with your winter favourites to help your wardrobe work overtime all year around. If you’re not feeling quite bold enough to don a pair of pillar box red sunglasses, try a pair of chunky white for a style statement without the punch.

As Seen On: The Brit Fashion PackHarry Potter siren Emma Watson, Alexa Chung, Rita Ora, Calvin Harris… To name but a few. Oh, and Sienna Miller.

Best For: Party Animals and those who like to make a statement with their clothes. Alternatively, those on a budget looking to spice up their wardrobe without having to buy a whole new one.

Pair With: Go all out and pair your rainbow specs with bold prints and colours. Extra points for clashing patterns (but still making them work). Or opt for a versatile shade – we like screen siren red or sage green – to wear all year around, even when you’re bundled up against the cold (i.e. 9 months of the year).

Brands: Brands often show their quirkier side with a brightly coloured pair of shades. Leading the pack are Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and The SS Collection.

Frames: Switch up your Cat Eye sunglasses with these pink frames by Miu Miu, or opt for these yellow sunshine-inspired Wayfarers from The SS Collection. For quirky that remains appropriate all year round, check out these denim-inspired frames from Ray-Ban.


Phew. That concludes our Ultimate Guide to Sunglasses for this year; we hope that you have found your perfect pair of frames to meet your needs! Stay tuned for your next Ultimate Guide later in August, this time on the topic of winter-appropriate sunglasses. Oh boy. We can’t wait!

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