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Infinity DesGlasses & Sunglasses

Infinity L8106 (With 2 Sun Clip-on lenses)

4.5 / 5 (96)  |   93% of customers recommend this product

Black L8106 (With 2 Sun Clip-on lenses) Glasses, Infinity

FREE Anti-Reflection Lenses*.

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Colour & Size (mm):

Arm Bridge Lens Height Size help »
138 18 56 31 Fits most

Customers suggest fit is As expected (88%)

88% of customers describe this fit as: As expected

After the customer has received the product, we ask how they felt their new glasses fitted based based on the size information we have provided. This is a breakdown of the data gathered so far...

Too small


Moderately small


As expected


Moderately large


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 Single vision items usually completed within 7-10 working days. Allow longer for complex prescriptions & tints – Details

 Single vision items usually completed within 7-10 working days. Allow longer for complex prescriptions & tints – Details

Available Colours...

  • Black with 1x Yellow & 1x Green/Grey Clip-on
  • Gunmetal with 1x Yellow & 1x Green/Grey Clip-on

Product Description

These Infinity L8106 prescription glasses come complete with 2 sun clip-one lenses, offering active men the perfect solution for dual purpose eyewear during life’s most critical moments. Ideal for driving, outdoor activities or just all year round sun protection, the Infinity L8106 (With 2 Sun Clip-on lenses) are a must for every man who likes to spend his time outdoors. The metal frame comes in both black and grey for a sophisticated, subtle look and both styles come with a choice of green/grey clip-on lenses or yellow clip-on lenses to protect you in various lighting conditions. An affordable purchase that has the ability to multi-task to save you time and money.

Product Overview


Infinity L8106 (With 2 Sun Clip-on lenses)

Product SKU


Suitable for

Single Vision


Freeform varifocal from $45.00

Spring hinge

Frame Material

Metal, Stainless Steel, Plastic

Suitable for Tints


Case & Cloth

Item Warranty

12 Months Warranty

*Free Standard 1.5 Single Vision lenses with Anti-Reflection coating available for SPH ±6.00 and CYL ±2.00 powers. An additional $28.12 is charged for Standard 1.5 lenses with prescriptions outside this range.

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Customer Reviews

4.5 / 5 - 96 Review(s) - Add your review

 93% of customers recommend this product (69 of 74)

Customer Images


28th September 2015

I was thrilled to get them. Glasses were sturdy, perfect specs, frames were a bit wobbly after 6 months, due to the abuse of the plastic arms, but overall i was extremely satisfied

  all in one

7th September 2015

always price first, the two filters for my glasses would have cost the same as the filters alone here my comments are relative to this.

winning points

1:the filters are elegant and of far higher quality

2:The glasses and filters are a perfect fit

3:The glasses themselves must be considered free in light of the total price of $47

4:the glasses are comfortable and the lenses are thin

5:the case and cleaning cloth were complimentary

6:tracking numbers are provided which are reassuring on internet purchases

  Look like a much more expensive frame

26th April 2015

A classy looking from . Comfortable. Excellent. I am very pleased with this product and highly recommend it

  Very good, just yellow sunglasses are not really polarized.

2nd April 2015

I leave the old text under. The mechanism as not too strong, left arm hinge snapped without I noticed any impact to classes, the arm just dropped when I was changing clothes.
The classes are still otherwise OK, lenses have no scratches or defects on coatings. Just one arm broken after less than 2 years. The plastic of the arm is maybe not strong enough for so thin material in the hinge.


The frame is lightweight. The design is clever. The frame is made of steel sheets and parts that are welded together. The hinges are not with flexible mechanism, but the frame works as a spring. It works well. The design of the support of the hinges has a function also. A small drawback of the design is that there is a very small gap between welded metal parts on top of the frame. Just enough to catch some lint of tissue paper. No real issue though.

The multifocal lenses are very good for general use. View area for close work is smaller than I expected. But there is practically no geometric distortion like in my old "cheap" classes from high street. Now I am used to the lenses, and I seldom miss larger close view area of the old glasses. Now I can estimate distances and position of moving objects. I can kick a moving ball again with some accuracy. My lens type is "premium".

The yellow sunglass clip-on is very mildly polarized. It makes horizontal reflections yellow, and vertical bluish. That is a bit pity. I don't know, if that is common feature with light yellow lenses. Anyway, you can't easily see fish under water surface and the glare of wet road is not much suppressed. The dark clip-on is polarized and it really takes away horizontal reflections from water and ice. Not worse than my previous Polaroid branded. The yellow is usable for snow and cloudy weather and it improves contrasts as it should.

I like clip on, because they take less space than two classes. However, there is no proper holder case provided for clip-ons. Only a large box for delivery and a microfiber fabric bag. Luckily I can use my old Polaroid clip-on box. The magnetic connection is at least as good as in my old FILA by Luxottica-classes used to have. The clip on has no frame, unlikelike both my old glasses had. Outlook is more like clip on than "real" sunglasses. The magnets are also on top of the nose bridge, not close the hinges. These will work better after slight deformation. The clip on is cheap to manufacture, but does its job fine.

I adjusted the nose pieces by myself. It was easy with electronics pliers. I used some tape to cushion the pliers. The nose pieces are attached to quite long and multiple bent wires. So no need to make sharp bends and likely the adjustment can be made multiple times without breaking.

One funny feature was the arms that seem to be separated from the classes. It takes time to adapt that there is a gap in the view between the frame and the arm. That is basically good thing. Just the brains seem to be worried about black arm that seems not connected to the frame as before. The arm is also thicker than in my old glasses.

These are my first glasses from SS. I am very happy with them. The outlook has bit Spock-style look, as someone already stated. Or maybe the look is sporty. But different anyway.

Fit - As expected I'd recommend this product

  Infinity 8106 with clip on lenses

30th March 2015

Lower end of range but with my eyes changing each year really good value which allows me to buy new frames yearly. Service is first rate.

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Product Help

Will this frame suit me?

Not sure if this frame is right for you? See our guide to face shapes & frame styles here.

What lenses should I choose?

Our virtual dispenser can recommend you the perfect lenses for your prescription - You can also find out more about our lenses here or see our lens price list here.

How and where are my glasses made?

All prescription glasses are made to an incredibly high standard in one of our labs. Find out more here.

Help with frame sizes

Finding the correct frame size to suit you requires you to know a little about the different measurements that are used.  Size information is normally broken down in to arm / temple length (ranges between 120 - 150mm), bridge width (ranges between 14 - 24mm, and lens width (ranges between 40 - 62mm).  We also include a frame height measurement where possible, this can vary depending on frame style.

If you require further help, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on 03303 801 190 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm) for further assistance.

I already have glasses, how do I find out their size?

If you have a pair of glasses that are a perfect fit, you can usually find the frame size information on the frame - usually on the arm or the bridge.

Size Guide - Frame Dimensions

What to look for?

What to look for?
You will often find a variety of information on the frame, including model number, branding and frame sizing. The numbers you are looking for will be similar to this format 150 - 22 - 50 although this can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  These numbers provide the following information:-

150 - Arm / temple size (in mm), a 3 digit value normally ranging from 120 - 150.
22 - Bridge size (in mm), a 2 digit value normally ranging from 14 - 24.
50 - Lens width (in mm), a 2 digit value normally ranging from 40 - 62.

I want a size that's not listed

We do our best to ensure we stock all available items from all our supplied brands so if an item is not listed it may be out of stock or discontinued. If you do not see the frame size you require please contact us through our Customer Services system where we will try to assist you.

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