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Signia Silk 5Nx

Silk 5Nx
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Product Description

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Product Description

Key Features

  • Discreet In The Ear
  • Programmable
  • Mobile App available
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Latest Signia technology with speech enhancement and advance sound smoothing
  • Optional HD Music setting
  • Batteries size: 10

Overview of Aid

The Signia Silk digital hearing aid offers a great balance between discreetness, technology and affordability and fits 80% of ear shapes.

It is designed to fit completely in your ear canal making it near on invisible and easy to fit and remove. Within this compact design you will find the latest Signia chip that is able to the hearing aids characteristics based on your current listening environment, for example, this hearing aid will detect that you are in a crowded environment and automatically supress unwanted background noise with a focus on picking up speech. Basic tuning to the hearing aid can also be done remotely by one of our in-house Audiologists via the free mobile app.

The Silk comes in 3 different technological levels while keeping the same compact design. The higher the range, the more signal processing channels the aid has, offering greater fine tuning and improvements speech in noise – we have the 1Nx, 3Nx and 5Nx but which one is right for you? See the table below

  Sound Quality  
Device In General In Crowds & Groups Features

The Signia Silk is a fantastic choice for anyone with a mild to moderate loss and unrivalled at this price with this technological spec and size – the ergonomics of this hearing aid utilises the shape of your outer ear (otherwise know as the Pinna) to help with creating a more natural sound – this also allows you to use your phone as normal rather than angle the phone is such a way to hear well with a Behind The Ear hearing aid.

This In The Ear design is also a friendlier device to wear if you are a glasses wearer and also friendlier when it comes to mask wearing due to our current climate. A Behind The Ear device can be cumbersome when wearing with glasses and/ or face covering.

Pros & Cons, at a glance

Pros Cons
Easy to fit and remove

Smartphone app available to enable adjustments

Barely visible design

Fully programmable to your audiogram making this aid tailored for your hearing requirements – further fine adjustments are available if hearing levels change

30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied or if the hearing aid does not fit well in your ear

2 year warranty
Cleaning the aid can be fiddley so not recommended for anyone with poor dexterity

Wax build up is common which if not cleaned correctly can damage the aid – cleaning kit is supplied

Battery life span is approx. 4 days

Features & Specs


  • 32 channels enabling a highly tuned set up
  • 6 programme options for specific environments
  • Automatic background noise suppression
  • Advanced feedback management function to reduce the change of a ‘whistling’ hearing aid
  • SoundSmoothing technology which helps smooth out any loud noise e.g. the slamming of a door – SoundSmoothing technology quickly supresses any sudden loud noise
  • Automatic directional speech enhancements – the hearing aid will hone in on speech when detected in any environment
  • eWindscreen activated – this reduces wind noise
  • Clever ‘TwinPhone’ function available (only available with a hearing aid pair) – if you select the TwinPhone setting on your hearing aid it will then transfer any phone signal picked up by one hearing aid and automatically copy that it to the other one. This results in creating a stereo sound which makes it easier for you to hear the full phone conversation
  • Tinnitus masker function available
  • Basic Remote Tuning Available


  • Length: 15mm
  • Width: 4mm
  • Height: 10mm

Each aid is colour coded depending on what ear it is for – red symbolises the right ear and blue symbolises the left ear. There is a short pin like pull-cord attached to the out of the aid for ease of removal from your ear when you’ve finished wearing it.

This product currently does not come in any alternative colours.


This device can be set up either one or two ways – this can be programmed specifically to your hearing requirements or pre-programmed for a mild to moderate hearing loss.

As our hearing deteriorates we begin to lose the higher frequencies first, in other words, clarity. A pre-programmed setting is designed to enhance clarity for any mild to moderate hearing loss sufferer.

If requested, we can add the following programmes on this device

  • General Listening
  • Noisy Environment
  • Outdoor (wind noise reduction)
  • TV
  • HD Music
  • TwinPhone mode (applicable when you have a pair)

Download the FREE app to adjust the hearing aids volume as well as its bass and treble for further fine tuning to your personal liking.

What's in the Box?

  • Hearing aid box
  • Pack of 6 size 10 batteries – each battery will approximately last 4 days
  • Selections of click sleeves with size Small, Medium and Large – let us know what size you require for future reference
  • Pack of wax guards
  • User Manual (including cleaning and maintenance advice)
  • A simple guide to your hearing aid programmes and adjustments – this also includes a QR code for easy pairing with your smartphone and take full advantage of the app (this can be done easily even without the QR code)
  • Cleaning brush


All hearing aids need to be regularly cleaned and cleared of ear wax to make sure you’re getting the most out of your device.

If the aid is not maintained correctly then this can lead to malfunction down the line. Always check for wax blockages and battery life if you believe the hearing aid is not working.

These are not waterproof so do not get them wet.

It is recommended to replace click sleeves regularly as well as the wax guards.

This hearing aid can be re-programmed by one of our audiologists.