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Account & Orders Information

Your Current Orders

This is a list of your current orders that have yet to be completed or have very recently been completed.  As soon as your order is placed the status for the order will be displayed, these include:

"Payment Received" - We have received your order and have processed your payment.  This status will update again shortly to say your order is now in progress.

"Payment by Cheque - in Progress" - We have received your order and you have chosen to make a payment by cheque.  Please send your payment to: SelectSpecs, Lockwoods Yard, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent, CT8 8AS, United Kingdom. Once we receive your cheque payment we will begin to process your order.

"Pending payment - Pay Now! or Cancel This Order" - We have received your order but you have failed to complete the transaction.  This order will be held as pending until payment is made.  If you no longer require this order you may cancel the order by clicking on the "Cancel This Order" link.

"In Progress" - We have received your order and payment. You can now keep track of how your order is progressing simply by clicking on the provided "View Order" link. Unfortunately, we are unable to amend your order or delivery address details after your order has been placed and is in progress, this is why we must ask that you double check your details carefully before placing your order.

Your Order History

This is a list of your orders that have been completed. These orders are all marked as "Complete" and indicate that we have completed your job and it is now enroute to you. You may view previous orders by clicking on the provided "View Order" link.

If you have any orders that have been cancelled once in progress, these orders will be displayed as "Cancelled" in your order history.

Where's my Order?

When a part of your order has been completed we will update it as "Complete". Depending on the type of order some parts may ship individually or as a complete order.

For further information about delivery, please see here

What do the Status Types Mean?

As we process each part of your order we will update the status accordingly, these status updates will give your an idea of how your order is progressing.  Here is a breakdown of all the status types for your information:

Preparing Lenses - Your lenses are in production. Standard single vision prescriptions will take approximately 2-4 working days to complete while other lens types or sun lnes options can take a little longer.

Lenses Ready for Glazing -Your lenses are now ready for glazing in our laboratory.

Preparaing Frames - Your frames are awaiting delivery to our glazing laboratory.

Frames Ready for Glazing - Your frames have arrived and will enter enter our glazing laboratory once your lenses are prepared.

Entered Glazing Laboratory - Your lenses and frames are now in our lab for glazing, this stage is normally completed within 1-3 working days.  Do not worry if this stage takes a little longer as sometimes there can be unforeseen difficulties that may arise during the glazing process.  We will of course inform you should any delays occur.

Entered Quality Control - Your order has been completed and is now passing through our quality control and dispatch department. This part of your order will be on its way to you shortly.

How often is this information updated?

We update order information on a daily basis.

Can I email you for a status update?

You can contact us via our website.  However, all up to date status information is displayed on your "My Orders" page.