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Signia Motion



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Product Description


Product Description


Key Features

  • Dual Microphones
  • Programmable and remote programming available
  • Our most powerful aid
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Mobile App available with mobile streaming and real time adjustments

Overview of Aid

The Signia Motion is our most powerful hearing aid with state-of-the-art technology.

Behind The Ear hearing aids are generally seen as inferior products to In The Ear devices – the truth of the matter is if you’re looking for the best sound quality experience than a Behind The Ear hearing aid is generally going to offer you a much superior sound. The main reason for this is due to be able to fit more than one microphone within it’s design, this improves localisation of sound and creating a much better sound scape of a room which in turn being more effective in hearing what you need to hear in a crowd.

This aid comes packed with technology and is durable to with its splash resistant casing – it comes with a free app so you can take control, you can stream music and phone calls from your iPhone. Other accessories are also available which will enable you to stream your TV audio directly to your hearing aid (this is controlled by the free app).

Getting help with your hearing aid has never been easier, with the free app our team of Audiologists are able to make adjustments and fine tune your hearing aid to your own personal preference completely remotely.


Pros & Cons, at a glance

Pros Cons
Easy to fit, remove and clean. The open fit tube is the easiest fitting for maintenance

Smartphone app available to enable adjustments

Connect with iPhone to answer calls and stream music

Longer battery life than most other hearing aids

Remote programming – this aid can be re-programmed by one of our audiologists in real time

Fully programmable to your audiogram making this aid tailored for your hearing requirements – further fine adjustments are available if hearing levels change

30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied or if the hearing aid does not fit well in your ear

2 year warranty
Behind The Ear design may be less desirable

More visible then any In The Ear Hearing aid

Hearing on the telephone can be more challenging with a Behind The Ear aid (do readthe manual on tips and tricks with this)

Features & Specs


  • 16 signal processing channels
  • 4 programme options for specific environments
  • Full live remote tuning
  • Adaptive streaming volume – you’re hearing aid knows your hearing loss and it takes this into consideration when you’re streaming music etc.
  • Automatic background noise suppression
  • Advanced feedback cancelling management function to reduce the change of a ‘whistling’ hearing aid
  • Dual microphones


  • Length: 10mm
  • Width: 8mm
  • Height: 30mm

Each aid is colour coded depending on what ear it is for – red symbolises the right ear and blue symbolises the left ear. You simply place the aid over and behind your ear first and then place the tube into your ear.

This product currently comes in Silver only.



This device can be set up either one or two ways – this can be programmed specifically to your hearing requirements or pre-programmed for a mild to moderate hearing loss.

As our hearing deteriorates we begin to lose the higher frequencies first, in other words, clarity. A pre-programmed setting is designed to enhance clarity for any mild to moderate hearing loss sufferer.

If requested, we can add the following programmes on this device

  • General Listening
  • Noisy Environment
  • TV
  • Phone

Download the FREE app to adjust the hearing aids volume as well as its bass and treble for further fine tuning to your personal liking.


What's in the Box?

  • Hearing aid case
  • Selections of Open Fit sizes Small, Medium and Large – let us know what size you require for future reference
  • Pack of cleaning wires
  • User Manual (including cleaning and maintenance advice)
  • A simple guide to your hearing aid programmes and adjustments – this also includes a QR code for easy pairing with your smartphone and take full advantage of the app (this can be done easily even without the QR code)


All hearing aids need to be regularly cleaned and cleared of ear wax to make sure you’re getting the most out of your device.

If the aid is not maintained correctly then this can lead to malfunction down the line. Always check for wax blockages and battery life if you believe the hearing aid is not working.

These are not waterproof, but they are splash proof so should survive the odd accidental use in the shower - submerging device in water will cause it to fail

It is recommended to replace the open fit tube every 3 months

This hearing aid can be re-programmed by one of our audiologists.