5 Harry Potter Glasses that will Transform your Wardrobe. 


For the past decade or so, JK Rowling has been entertaining us with everyone’s favourite schoolboy wizard, Harry Potter. You might well have heard of him! Considered to be the biggest selling franchise in movie history, it has grossed over £1bn.

Not bad for a lass who slaved away in a pokey little flat in Edinburgh, where at the time, Rowling was an unheard writer but managed to pen two of the most successful stories in the series.

Both Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone as well Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets were written on a chair that was given to her. This said piece of furniture was auctioned just a few months ago for more than a cool £250m.

Harry Potter on stage

Now that’s magic! But Harry and his chums have not just graced the silver screen. In the past few days, Muggles everywhere have gone stir crazy thanks to the debut of a new Potter play.

That’s right, JK Rowling has brought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to the stage. Officially launched with its own glitzy premier on 30 July, the stage play takes place nearly two decades after the final book.

As every Potterite knows that book was entitled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Fast forward nineteen years into the future (Now where’s Marty Mcfly when you need him), Harry is all grown up with a family.

Lasting more than an epic five hours in total, his little mini Potters are already at school. Meanwhile, people queued in their thousands outside book stores in order to land a copy of the play’s script.

Margot Robbie: Harry Potters biggest fan?

Yet this obsession is taken to the extreme by millions of people around the world. None more so than actress Margot Robbie who came out as a hardcore Harry Potter groupie.

Better known for playing super villains, she revealed on the US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she was mad about Harry. In fact she was shown as teenager with braces and specs. She told chat show host Kimmel:

I lied to get glasses so I could look like Harry Potter.

Despite her 20/20 vision Robbie was head over heels in love with specs from an early age – even though she didn’t require them. If you are simply dorky for Dumbledore then get an eyeful of our 5 ultimate Harry Potter glasses:

5. Infinity P6185


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Cast a spell in these budget friendly Infinity P6185‘s, bringing geek chic very much to the fore. Whether you are searching for that vintage look or looking to dazzle, these glasses are great for any season.

The full rim frame and circular lenses are what every Potter fan is so familiar with. Taking its inspiration from the roaring 20’s, this unisex eyewear is extremely versatile and ever so friendly on the pocket.

4. Univo U26


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You will be shouting Expecto Patronum in no time with this classic pair from Univo. The Univo U26 unisex frames have a bonus that come with complimentary lenses and coating.

Suitable for both men and women, this eyewear benefits from the signature full round frames. Classic round specs are always a trend setter no matter what decade. Revive your wardrobe without delay with these lightweight and easy to wear specs.

3. Infinity L8109


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Why not make Ron and Hermione green with envy with these incredible pair from Infinity. Get Potterised down to the very last detail with these simple yet effective specs.

The L8109 prescription glasses can be worn by Muggles and non Mugglettes! They are very lightweight and without doubt easy on the eye.

This is largely in part down to the overall design, which ensures they can be barely seen or felt. They feature soft nose pads, whilst they can be worn for long periods of time without any hassle.

In addition to this, The L8109 includes super slim full rim metal frame and classic circular lenses. They are available in a range of colours from black and brown to gunmetal and gold.

2. Tom Ford FT5254


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If you want to vanquish Voldermort then check out these snazzy specs from luxury designer Tom Ford. The majestic FT5254 male glasses are a genuine testament to the finest production.

Benefitting from premium Italian engineering, they are both thin and ultra portable. This will certainly put the fashion conscious in their place. The forward thinking frames doth their cap to men’s vintage fashion of the 20’s.

On the other hand, the beautifully rounded lenses are suitable for those with more rounded or heart shaped visages.

It’s all about the metal detail here, which can be found at the hinge. Let’s not forget the signature Tom Ford logo on the ear hook not to mention the compatibility with all lens types. Available in opal honey this really is a sweet pair of specs.

1. Flexon Influence


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It is time to flex your wizard muscles with the Flexon Influence. You can make an impact with these all conquering male glasses.

Why not delight Dobbie with these ever so delicate metal frames. These specific glasses are available in different types of smart finishes such as Matte Black, Dark Gunmetal, Shiny Silver and Matte Havana.

Lightweight and offering all round ease of comfort, these Potter like specs will be a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. Just make sure you don’t have a Narnia type back portal!

Easily wearable and made for the metropolitan man, these retro glasses are tip top old chap. They come complete with rounded lenses, nose pads and full rim frames to make any vintage wearer yelp with delight.

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