Colourful Sunglasses: 4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Look

Embracing colour is one of the hottest eyewear trends in 2023. In fact, colourful sunglasses have been spotted on every runway, including fashion houses such as LOEWE, Dior, Versace, Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Fendi, Michael Kors, Prada, and many more.

With big chunky rims being another popular narrative, there are endless options when it comes to choosing the right colourway for your sunglasses. Bright colours don’t just have to be for the summer either – colourful frames look so chic and on-trend when styled with your favourite knit, a classic rain mac, or with your salopettes ready to hit the piste!

Love colourful sunglasses as much as we do? Here are 4 different ways to use colour to brighten up your look for 2023 and beyond…

1) Choose Brightly Coloured Lenses

Miu Miu MU 51WS

The easiest way to celebrate colour is with brightly coloured lenses. There are so many options when it comes to colourful lens designs, and ombre is a playful way to incorporate more than one hue in your look. Not only are gradient sunglasses a big trend in SS23, but rainbow colours are perfect for a range of events, from summer cruises and Ibiza boat parties to gigs and music festivals.

So you’ll get plenty wear for your buck when it comes to coloured lenses. Different colourful sunglasses can be used to depict your mood too. Opt for pink if you want youthful and feminine, bright blues and greens when you want to stand out in the crowd, warm oranges and yellows to complement your skintone, or earthy hues if you need something low-key and understated. 

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2) Opt for Bold Rims

Lanvin Paris LNV629S

Big bold rims are best in 2023, especially if you love colourful sunglasses. But no matter what size, what shape and what type of silhouette you choose, be sure to let the colour do the talking. The best way to do this is to opt for frames with a seamless design, with a frame front and temples made of the same continuous material and no colour contrasts.

One bold colour can be such a powerful statement, making it easy to add that final colour pop flourish no matter what your outfit. Jeans and a t-shirt? Smart tailoring for the board room? Or cute floral midi dress picked out for brunch? Whatever your plans, chunky rims with a bright lift of colour can be the ultimate elixir to rejuvenate your wardrobe.

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3) Play with Colour Contrasts

Vogue VO5316S

On the flipside, you can also experiment with more than one colour by adopting the colour block trend. Colour blocking allows contrasting colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel to complement one another. This could be a dual colour frame front, or perhaps it’s contrasting rim and lens. Multi-colour sunglasses are definitely designed to help you stand out and can quite often be a talking point.

Be ready for the questions, such as “where did you get your sunglasses?” and don’t just save these badboys for special occasions. Big, bold colourful sunglasses need to be worn with confidence and conviction!

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4) Go for High Shine Mirror Lenses



Colour is so much more exciting with a mirror lens! But it’s not just aesthetics you’ll benefit from if you choose colourful sunglasses with a mirror finish – they’re also much better for your eyes. For those who spend lots of time outdoors, mirrored lenses are a no-brainer

Mirrored lenses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays by reflecting light away from the surface with a special coating. They also reduce glare, therefore minimising discomfort and eye fatigue, while also delivering brighter fields of vision. Overall, you’ll have excellent visual clarity and protection – and you’ll also look bang on trend.

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Obsessed with colour in 2023? If you love colourful eyewear and you’re looking for inspiration on eyewear colour trends, keep checking in on the SelectSpecs Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine. We report on the hottest hues as seen on the runway, including this season’s must-have – hot red sunglasses!