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Women’s Prescription Glasses: Ultimate Guide

Looking for the right pair of women’s prescription glasses is like searching for your soulmate. The perfect frames should be supportive and comfortable, helping you navigate life, and be there through all of life’s treasured moments – but most importantly, they should make you feel amazing!

If your current specs don’t make you feel like your best self, then it’s time for an upgrade. And we’ve got a fantastic selection of on-trend and classic eyewear looks to choose from here at SelectSpecs. The question is – how do you know which pair is right for you?

Here’s the ultimate guide to help you out when shopping for prescription glasses. Read on for top tips in selecting style, colour, catwalk trends, and more…

1) Find the Right Shape

When it comes to women’s prescription glasses, it’s important to find something that complements your face. Face shape is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for any type of eyewear, but especially important for prescription eyewear as these are designed to be worn all day long and not just in the sun.

You can use our handy guide to find out more about face shapes and lens shapes.

While there are different silhouettes and styles to suit different faces, there are some classics that are quite universal. Eyewear shapes such as the timeless aviator is one that works for almost everyone. And while in the past, aviators took more of a masculine edge, they are now loved by women everywhere.

This Ray-Ban RX3625V NEW AVIATOR frame is an iconic design, and looks best on oval, square and heart-shaped faces…


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2) Know Your Skin Tone

Another important factor to take into consideration when buying women’s prescription glasses is your skin tone. This matters because the colour of your eyewear can either dull or brighten your features depending on what you choose.

As a rule of thumb, cool colours work best with cool skin and warm colours work best with warmer skin. And all colours of the rainbow look great with neutral skin. Not sure what skin tone you have? These pointers might help:

  • Blueish or purple veins = cool skin tone
  • Green / greenish blue veins = warm skin tone
  • If you can’t tell or your veins are somewhere in between, you likely have a neutral skin tone

If you’re looking for some universal hues that work with all skin tones, try light pink, bright red, teal or dark purple.

These Infinity BOA1071 glasses are a steal at £28.00, and come in a soft, transparent rose pink that flatters everyone…

Infinity BOA1071

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3) Your Personal Style 

Finally, you’ll also want to think carefully about where/when you’ll wear your glasses. The best women’s prescription glasses are not only flattering and well-fitting, but they should be able to see you through different events and occasions as well as everyday wear.

This is where you need to consider your personal sense of style. What suits your wardrobe? Safe and low-key? On-trend and hip? Colourful and flamboyant? Or totally extra and full of bling?

If you love simple, chic and timeless, these Fuzya FZ7154 frames may be right for you…

Fuzya FZ7154

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Or if you prefer fashion-forward and edgy, why not try something with a monogram like the Moschino MOS614 designer frames?

Moschino MOS614

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Want to find out more about women’s prescriptions glasses trends in 2023? Keep checking the SelectSpecs Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine, which is completely free to access online. Read our latest post on green prescription glasses – the trend colour of the season!