5 Ways to Style Sneakers

Who doesn’t love a good pair of sneakers? They are comfortable, don’t hurt to walk/dance/run in, and are so convenient.

But just because they are convenient, does not mean that they are any less fashionable.

Here are 5 ways to style up your sneakers.

Galactic Vans

Vans Authentic Lo Pro Cosmic Galaxy Black/True White Girl Shoes, Vera Bradley Luggage Lighten Up Travel Cosmetic (Lilac Tapestry) Cosmetic Case, Lilac/purple/pink nail art

This glorious pair of cosmic galaxy Vans are to die for.

The beautiful colour combination will make you want to keep them on forever.

You can subtly accessorize these shoes with shades of purple, blues, lilac, greens and a hint of pastel colours as well.

Try pair your look with these beautiful Boss Orange BO 0266/S sunglasses.

Though they are not the same shades of purple and lilac, they will complement your shoes’ colour palette.

If they stick out too much, wear a teal scarf/top or item of clothing and you’ll be good to go.

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Classy Gold & White

GUAngqi Gold Metal Belt Band Mirror Chain Vogue Wide Waistband, Monsoon Sandra Embroidered Lace Up Trainers, Metal Forged Phone Case

Who doesn’t love a pair of white shoes?

They make the perfect addition to a pair of jeans or a pair of summer shorts and a tshirt.

But these Monsoon shoes take it one step further with some beautiful  gold embroidery.

Obviously you don’t want to go too crazy with the gold (and end up looking gaudy), but use the gold as an accent rather than a core-colour to your look.

Some gold accent ideas include a phone case or a waist band, which could work really well with a loose top or skirt.

Bright Yellow

Gingham Ribbon Hairbow, Daisy appliqué slip-on shoe, Mila Schon Long Scarves Wool and Cashmere Fringed Stole, Lele Sadoughi Coconut Plumera Flower Ring

Summer is the best time to wear yellow, and these bright slip-ons would definitely be welcomed this summer.

I know there are a lot of people who are uncomfortable with wearing yellow, because of how bright the colour is.

However, if you wear yellow as an accent (as in this look), you can balance it with other  neutral tones.

If the slip-on shoes are not enough, you can introduce smaller hints of yellow through your look. For example, a scarf or even a bow.

Chuck Taylors

Americana Headwrap, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ii High Top Sneakers, Oreria Gold and Ebony Pinkie Ring, Womens Ladies Black Canvas Cat Face Goth Wicca School Uni Backpack rucksack, Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid to Matte Lipstick Red Rose

This look is a little more all-season friendly, and probably aligns best with those of you who prefer to stay away from bright colours.

That being said, these maroon high tops are a great balance.

The colour can match with more neutral tones.

Have some fun with the accessories though – try out a cat face bag or a statement ring or even just a bright red lipstick.

Blacks & Greys

Marc Jacobs Metallic Lamb Leather Backpack, Movado Bold Bold TR90 Stainless Steel Watch, Trilogy Collection Black Akoya Pearl Earrings, Michael Kors Collection Val Bow Sneakers

These beautiful Michael Kors sneakers are a work of art.

Coupled with a pair of Chloe CE114S sunglasses, and you have got yourself a winner.

These sneakers are stylish, feminine and fun.

The perfect combination.

You can match these with grey or black accessories, including earrings, watches and even bags (in addition to the sunglasses).

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