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All About Geek Chic Glasses

I remember a time when sporting big rounded bottle-top spectacles would make you, as an individual, nothing but a victim of verbal abuse. However, nowadays people strive to achieve the nerdy look. Even individuals with perfect eyesight have begun sporting spectacles on a daily basis.

Hipster-ism has been promoting the look for a while now, and has ensured it’s nationwide success. The more round, bold and vintage your glasses are, the more hipster points you will obtain.

How do you know if your glasses conform to nerd style?

Nerd style glasses usually have larger, thicker frames. And the frames are generally exaggerated.

Nerdy Variations

Whether they are rounded or square, they will be thick as a brick. A favorite, and perhaps cliché design for the frames is the infamous tortoise shell. Brown tortoise shell oozes vintage appeal, it’s the in look for ’17.

Check out the rose colored William Morris London WL8517 tortoiseshell lenses:

The nerd look is desirable as ever. So why do we love the nerdy look so much?

The trend can be seen as an indirect reaction to current political and moral trends in society.

Not Just A Fashion Statement

In terms of societal trends, just recently New Wave Feminism has been roaring in London.

Protests in central London are occurring almost every weekend, online campaigns are being launched on all social media platforms – and even high profile celebrities like Emma Watson have become advocates and activists promoting and fighting for gender equality.

Much to the dismay of many, with the political rise of Trump whom is viewed as a sexist (amongst other discriminatory elements seen in his persona) political figure spreading gender inequality; and shamelessly justifying sexual abuse towards women.

Combined with breast-feeding and nipple bearing being demonized online and on popular social media platforms, along with a societal shift in women becoming more and more independent.

With these trends in hand, society no longer has time to inherently fear the intelligent woman, for she is far too busy making her mark on the world – and making her feminine voice heard.

I feel like these factors have contributed to the ”Geek chic” style we can now view on the catwalk, in high street stores and online.

Changing Styles

Another contributory element to the trend and why I believe it isn’t going to shift any time soon is that fashion always regurgitates, it is a natural process which repeats itself year in year out.

But the vintage trend in general is much-loved, because often when society feels particularly out of touch or disturbed by political turmoil or general upset we tend to revert back to past times where things were seen to be easier or more pallet able.

Having integrity and fighting for a cause you strongly believe in is never going to get old – this is fundamentally why I believe this trend is here to stay.

If you can’t beat em, might as well join em I say!

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