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All About Wayfarer Frames

There are certain times when you don’t know what to choose when the fashion dilemma hits you. In a world full of vibrant colors, outrageous designs and magnificent lenses, you tend to be overwhelmed and give up on the battle.

Let’s just think about how cool wearing Wayfarers is.

You’re going in for the kill with a classic and elegant choice.

But this is not about shades, it is for the fashion lovers who are desperate to find the ideal mix between protective lenses and a stylish design.

Ladies and gents, we give to you some of the best items from the collection of Wayfarer glasses.

Classic & Stylish

Hey! Don’t blame us, Ray-Ban RX 5184 Wayfarer is not only a stylish masterpiece, but also a shield for your eyes.

With the comfort of single-vision or progressive lenses, your vision is in a safe place under protection.

Acetate frames and trademark detailing of the logo engraved on the temples make you feel like a superstar.

On top of that, did you know it comes in three sizes which makes it easy to adapt, regardless of the proud wearer?

It’s gonna be the best £85.17 spent in your life.

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Stunning & Simple

What if you can pay just £12.00 for simple, discrete and genius glasses?

Savannah 2444 is the most popular choice on our website, as the 90 users who reviewed the product generated a spot-on score: 4.6 out of 5.

With lenses that can be adapted to different face shapes and an accurately designed thick-rimmed frame, you can feel the envy of eyes on you.

In terms of fashionable product, this will get a 10/10 as you add the fact that it is unisex and ideal for people who put eye safety first.

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Chromatic Killers

We won’t ignore that type of fashion addict who is dependent on the vibration of colors.

Apart from being a stylish product, Matrix 820 provides you quality lenses and an atypical combination between black and lively colors such as rose, turquoise or purple.

Flawless and innovative, this is the kind of product you need if you’re looking for a contrast between colors and styles, as it combines normal with crazy.

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Creative & Cool

Ray-Ban is not exclusively known for its superb Wayfarer or Aviator options.

The Ray-Ban RX7034 Tech-Liteforce puts the square lenses at the top of the charts.

The Liteforce material used for the frames are a modern and stylish technological innovation in terms of fashion.

With a 4,9 review out of 5 and the possibility to choose between single-vision and progressives lenses, you can shout: I am the king of the world.

It is easy to wear them as the rectangular lenses highlight the comfort of the product.

RX7034 is your reason to go shopping asap.

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