Are There Any Truly Indestructible Glasses?

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We’ve all been in the unfortunate situation of clumsily dropping our favourite pair of sunglasses down the stairs or accidentally sitting on our reading specs.

Most of us would like to think that the products we buy are built to last, however, very often this is not the case. This is why a lot of people become sceptical when they are confronted with claims that something is indestructible. In the world of eyewear, this claim is becoming more and more common.

We’ll try to identify whether these claims can be substantiated by those who make them by including some videos of these claims being put to the test. You can see for yourselves whether they stand up to the claim of being truly indestructible. So, let’s meet our contenders.

To start us off we have Gloryfy’s G3 unbreakable collection. These shades boast unbreakable lenses due to their Gloryfy I-Flex® technology as well as unbreakable frames also due to their own G-Flex® technology. The secret to this proprietary technology is something called NBFX™ which Gloryfy claim is central to their development of unbreakable eyewear.

However, nothing is really explained any further than that. They go on to say that, due to NBFX™, their glasses go on to return to their regular shape even after intense deformation. From what I’ve seen, they really do.

What also helps Gloryfy with their indestructible claim is that the G3s can be taken apart and put back together again to avoid breaking parts, pretty handy when being accidentally sat on, or run over. Speaking of which, below is a video of Gloryfy’s G3s being put through a pretty intense test involving a Dodge Ram pick-up truck… Yeah, really.

Next up, we have Gargoyles Performance Eyewear. On their website, these guys claim that their products are tested to protect from both the sun and unexpected projectiles. The methods Gargoyles use to ensure their products meet this high standard is based on the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) high-mass and high-velocity impact standards.

There are even short video clips on their website detailing some of the strenuous laboratory tests that their sunglasses go through before being approved and they do look strenuous. Various videos online show these shades being bent and flexed into positions that would usual cause sunglasses to break. However, Indestructible and flexible are two different things. We did eventually manage to track down a video of someone actually managing to destroy a pair, although the methods they used were somewhat extreme and the lenses did actually survive… ish.

Our final contender is REKS Optics. REKS claim to be the manufacturer of the world’s first unbreakable sunglasses using high-end polycarbonate, multi-coated, polarised lenses. The frames of these sunglasses are designed using an advanced polymer material that will always return to its original shape.

A common claim nowadays that, as we’ve stated above, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re indestructible. However, after much searching, we were unable to find any proof that these shades had been or could be broken. Perhaps this means something? Or maybe the right method for their destruction is yet to be found? Or, just maybe, these shades truly are indestructible.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for anything claiming to be proof of their destruction.

So what are our conclusions after the three examples given? Are there any truly indestructible glasses?

Well, it would appear that it depends on what you mean by indestructible. If you’re defining indestructible as something that will survive being sat on, dropped or run over, then there absolutely are indestructible glasses out there. However, if you’re looking for something that will survive being blasted by a shotgun or if we’re being really serious about the definition of indestructible, a nuclear explosion, you may be slightly disappointed.

But fear not! With the advances in technology that a lot of these products boast, it may not be too long until we’re treated to eyewear that encapsulates the true meaning of indestructible. Until that time, just keep your shades away from shotguns and atomic weaponry.


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