Arrested Development: Top Eyewear Looks

Arrested Development
The Cast of Arrested Development

Arrested Development is best known for being a popular American sitcom, shown on Netflix.

The show first aired in the later months of 2003 and has been a well loved phenomenon ever since.

Set in Newport Beach in California, the show has become the talking point of the 21st century.

The main plot line follows the comedic story of the Bluth family, who are known to be affluent but also dysfunctional in nature.

The stars of the show are known to rock some fantastic examples of eyewear during the first five seasons.

Lets check out some of our favourite eyewear looks from the cast of Arrested Development below!


Maeby Funke

The character of Maeby Funke is known to be attention seeking and hopeless in love.

She is played by actress Alia Shawkat.

She is sporting a bold striped buttoned down dress, complete with funky beaded jewellery.

Funke is also wearing a pair of oversized tortoiseshell printed specs and a pretty pink lip colour, completing the outfit.

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Tobias Funke

David Cross plays the character of Tobias Funke in Arrested Development, who is the husband of Lindsay.

He stars in this funny scene, where he is dressed in a banana costume out on the streets of Newport Beach.

The actor is also rocking an awesome pair of specs in this shot.

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Tobias Funke

This is another classic eyewear look from Arrested Development’s Tobias.

He is sporting a layered ensemble here, consisting of a white shirt under a pale blue long sleeved number.

He has completed the look with a stand out pair of specs.

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George Bluth Sr.

George Bluth Sr. is the father of the Bluth children in the show.

He was sporting an excellent pair of specs in Season 1 in the famous jail scene from Episode 2.

He is pictured here in a orange jumpsuit with his fictional son, Michael.

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Buster Bluth

The youngest son in the Bluth family is Buster, played by actor Tony Hale.

In this scene, he is spotted wearing a military style camoflage jacket, which looks very vintage inspired.

In terms of accessories, Buster is also sporting a matching baker boy style hat, not to mention a fantastic pair of glasses.

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