Back To School: What To Buy & How To Stay Organized

Now that your child is due to start school, you’ll come to realise that those mornings of staying in bed much longer are now a thing of the past.

Also if you’re going back to work or starting your own new business, you also need to be organized, and assure your clients, boss or even your colleagues that your brain is still functioning.

The Family Meeting

A meeting could be the way best to introduce the new family routine.

It’s important that you explain why the meeting is taking place and what the expected outcome is going to be.

Involve the kids in the drawing up of the new plan, and have that it placed in strategic positions where everyone can see it.

Getting Enough Sleep

Make sure that the entire household is getting enough sleep.

When you’re getting enough sleep, you are less likely to be tired the next day.

The Night Before

Get breakfast ready the night before.

For ideas on what you should prepare the night before, read this article 5 Healthy Snacks To Make The Night Before or Make Breakfast Ahead Of Back To School.

Pack Lunches

New week, new ideas for kids pack lunches! 🍊🌯🍌🍇 What's in your child's lunchbox for tomorrow??

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One of the best places to find ideas is on Pinterest.

One cool board worth having a look is Easy Lunch Box Lunches.

Prepping Clothes The Night Before

Don’t act like a dictator when it comes to what the kids should wear.

Let this moment become a subtle way of encouraging them to become independent.

Learn how to avoid a power struggle and still be in control.

For the working parents, get your work things ready the night before too.

If your child has optical needs, you should consider buying proper prescription glasses.

Some ideas to consider:

Francis Gattel FG596

Francis Gattel FG593

Designated Area/Boxes

You don’t want to be looking for your kid’s backpacks, PE kits, lunches boxes every morning.

Have a place assigned for their school essentials.

Get Up Before The Kids

Having a moment to yourself before everyone else wakes up can do a lot of good.

Use this time to meditate.

You can rehearse some of your favourite quotes and confess positively to yourself.

Ideally, after you’ve done some mindfulness exercise, the next step would be to shower or take a bath and get dressed.

Make Morning Routine Chart

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For younger kids, use pictures.

For older kids, have the tasks laid out in a table format.

Doing a trial run on these tasks will help identify problems if any and have that resolved ASAP.

And, if they are struggling with any the routines, for a short time only, you can step in to support them until they become capable of doing it themselves.
1.Brushing teeth
2. Washing face
3. Getting dressed
4.Combing hair
5. Eating Breakfast
6.Putting shoes on
7.Grab backpack and lunchbox
8.Head out the door

Use The ‘When and Then’ Approach

This idea is from Amy McCready of Positive Parenting Solutions.

While you are trying to establish the morning routine, you can employ the ‘When and Then’ approach to ensure that the morning routine checklists are being followed.

An example would be “when you brush your teeth, get dressed, make your bed and then we have breakfast.”

Stay Calm

Children can easily sense when you are stressed out or becoming frantic.

So, the way to solve this is to remain calm by whispering to yourself when you find yourself losing control.

Make The Weekend Special

Trying not to stray away too much from your weekly morning routines.

First and foremost, ensure that your kids are still getting enough sleep while enjoying the relaxed pace that weekends bring.

Why not start a family weekend tradition?

Some ideas could be having special breakfasts, going to the farmers market or watching family movies.

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