Reading Books Won’t Serve You Unless You Take Action

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Boost Your Confidence, The Secret and many other self help books were fun to read and learn from, but they would have never developed my interpersonal skills or made me the man I am today if I hadn’t applied what I learned in my every day life.

Whoever wrote these books became successful, not because they know any better than you do, they simply took bold action through highlighting the most important information and incorporating what they learned into their daily actions.

If you just read books, you help these authors become successful, and in the process gain nothing.

You would actually lose $10 on a book and many hours thinking that just reading is going to make you a better person.

I come across many people who’ve read many such books, but I didn’t feel any change in their thinking or the way they represent themselves.

Such books will never make you a better person or rich unless you take action right now.

Instead of just reading, then stocking them next to your TV shelf to impress your guests, highlight the pieces of information that will serve you and act on them.

Find People Who Inspire You

Buy books from people who are successful like your heroes.

People who went from rags to riches, who struggled a lot, but went on to accomplish great feats.

People you really look up to, and want to follow.

I go for books by strong minded individuals who make me laugh, yet tell me something I want to know, that will actually make me a better man.

For example, I read Born to Run twice.

The book tells the true story of a man who likes running; he would run anytime, anywhere, every day with no set goals, no destinations, no health benefits, and nothing.

He just ran, kind of like Forrest Gump but on a much harder and tougher ground.

His name was El Caballo Blanco among his tribe.

All he did was run and meet different people along the way.

He would chat them up, have a good time, drink a beer or eat a bite and then continue on running.

When he ran out of food, he would borrow from the neighbors as everyone was very giving where he lived.

After reading and applying some of his running tips for better efficiency, I started doing what I love: I started running without expectations.

Later I finished 3 full marathons, and many half marathons.

I became happier.

run hamburg marathon
Hamburg Marathon 2012 @dayenjoyer

The point is, if you want to be better, more knowledgeable and experienced in many aspects of life, you can’t just buy self-help books.

Go out there, expose yourself, travel, experience different jobs, and learn from different kinds of people.

Start doing.

Go to book clubs and share with others what you’ve learned.

Talk about how they will make a change in your life.

What makes me proud is the way people make me feel.

When you increase your intake of knowledge, people will start treating you with dignity and respect, you will feel unbelievably valued and appreciated.


Less Thinking, More Doing

Do yourself a favor and spend money on experiences that will bring you value.

Either go somewhere you never been, even if it’s a super market around the corner or do something of benefit, like water surfing or having a beer with a friend.

Buy a book for someone you like reading to.

Don’t ever buy a book just because everyone else bought it.

Find who your hero is and buy their biography or a book they wrote.

After all knowledge is the greatest self-confidence tool.

Yes we know you’re not as cool as Mr. Dean, but wearing those JDO600 will give others a slight edge to think otherwise.

James Dean JDO600


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