Brand Spotlight: Barbour Eyewear for Active Men and Women

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This week, we’re shining the brand spotlight on Barbour eyewear; a collection built on quality, signature Barbour detailing, and a choice of classic styles to suit everyone. For those who love to spend their time outdoors – or those who are fans of the British brand – this collection is a must.

The designs are timeless, allowing you to mix and match with a range of clothing in your wardrobe. The versatility also means that your shades will be in style throughout the seasons, so you can wear them proudly all year round. What’s really great about Barbour eyewear though is the price point. Whilst some of the more high tech designs (such as the styles featuring polarised lenses) are on the higher end of the scale, there’s also a fantastic selection of frames for under £60. So it’s an accessible range of accessories for every type of wearer.

Every pair of Barbour sunglasses comes with a branded Barbour sunglasses case and a high quality cleaning cloth to ensure that your frames stand the test of time. Just like your trusty Barbour jacket! And like the rest of the brand’s best-selling products, Barbour specs are engineered to last and last. So each design will be a great investment.

Here are some of our top picks of Barbour sunglasses, available online at SelectSpecs now…

Men’s Barbour BS016 Sunglasses

Made from lightweight acetate, these retro look sunglasses are comfortable and stylish to wear. The Barbour BS016 sunglasses come in 2 classic colours and they feature premium glass lenses that are polarised to offer advanced UV protection and to reduce glare in harsh lighting conditions.

Barbour BS016

Barbour BS016

Women’s Barbour BS020 Sunglasses

Simple, sophisticated and stylish, the Barbour BS020 sunglasses for women have been designed to look good for any occasion – not just when you’re out in the countryside or going for a ramble!

The all-black frame and slimline arms offer elegance with a touch of glamour, and the oversized lens provides max coverage.

Barbour BS020

Barbour BS020

Unisex Barbour BS019 Sunglasses

For something contemporary and slick enough for the city, these unisex Barbour BS019 frames are a great style choice. They feature a classic frame design and a timeless silhouette, but include subtle studding on the frame front for a bit of added edge.

Barbour BS019

Barbour BS019

Men’s Barbour BIS-026 Sunglasses

These super cool specs are from the Barbour International range; an arm of the brand which is inspired by our country’s long and rich motorcycling heritage. So the Barbour International BIS-026 sunglasses are perfect for men on the go. The timeless design means that you can wear them anywhere in the world, across all seasons.

Barbour International BIS-026

Barbour International BIS-026

Unisex Barbour BS023 Sunglasses

Another superb unisex design; one which incorporates classic shapes together with a modern vibe. There’s a slight retro appeal to these aviators and the all-black design makes them slick enough for the city as well as the country. Made to be utterly androgynous so men and women and rock them alike.

The Barbour BS023 frames are also available in gold and they feature the Barbour logo on the side for that finishing designer touch.

Barbour BS023

Barbour BS023

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