Coloured Contact Lenses – Hollywood’s Fashion Choice

There are dozens of celebs for whom you’d never suspect that they wear prescription glasses. Apparently, they realised that the use of different contact lenses might help them look better while on the red carpet or extravagant parties inevitably followed by a mind-blowing gowns and gorgeous make-up. And if the stylists say, you must obey!

Although glasses seem to be more popular than ever, a pair of high quality contact lenses will always have its base of loyal fans among the most famous residents of Hollywood. Wearing the coloured contact lenses will emphasise the look of an entire face or even add a whole new dimension to your facial features and therefore complete the outfit…but this is something that movie and music divas are aware about for a quite some time now!


Bad girl Lindsay Lohan seems to have a thing for contact lenses…ravishing green, to be precise.

Tilda Swinton opted for a pair of vividly green contact lenses. They match great with her golden blonde hair and dark red gown.


Oh, here’s Lindsay again…but this time with a pair of light blue ones!

Actress Rumer Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, decided to play the role of fatal brunette, even when the cameras turned off, so she chose a pair of almost navy blue contact lenses.


Shaun Robinson decided to show up at the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt.2 premiere with a pair of piercing red contact lenses which highlighted her vamp look.


Die Antwoord’s singer Di Yolandi never misses an opportunity to perform with a pair of dark contact lenses. She wears the same pair in the video for their current hit single “Ugly Boy”.

Spring cleansing just passed, and maybe now would be the perfect time to consider enriching your collection of prescription glasses with a pair of suitable contact lenses. Renewing your wardrobe also applies to your accessories, so purchasing a fashionable coloured lenses seems like a wise idea for all of you who want to add that special glow to your eyes. Just think about it…