Coloured Lenses: The Best Sunglasses for Autumn

Coloured Lenses Sunglasses Autumn

The days may be duller, sunlight hours shorter, and skies cloudier. But autumn/winter time doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep our eyes protected with a pair of sunglasses. It’s essential that we shield our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, no matter the weather. And it’s important to find the right the pair of shades to suit the conditions outside. Here are some of the different lens colours that are ideal for the autumnal British climate.

Here are some of the different lens colours that are ideal for the autumnal British climate.

Light Yellow Lenses

GOOD FOR: Dark conditions 

BAD FOR: Colour clarity 

Sunglasses featuring a light yellow tinted lens is ideal for low lighting conditions. So when the sky is overcast or if you’re heading out at dawn or before twilight, this lens colour is the perfect choice. During the colder months, it’s much darker in the mornings and the sun sets much earlier, making yellow lenses great for commuters.

But if you’re heading out on a bright afternoon to walk through the park and gander at all the lovely colours on the trees, be aware that yellow tint can cause colour distortion.

Get the look with these Ray-Ban RB3025JM AVIATOR sunglasses, which are also photochromatic so they can adjust to different light levels easily.

yellow tint sunglasses low light ray ban




Red/Pink Lenses

GOOD FOR: Changeable weather conditions 

BAD FOR: Colour perception 

Red and pink tinted sunglasses are a good all-rounder and are great for temperamental skies. If you’re unsure of the weather conditions (a common problem in autumn time with the threat of rain), these are ideal.

Not only can they adapt easily to different lighting, but they are considered to be the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The reddish tint is also known to block out blue light, which improves visual clarity and contrast.

A very comfortable choice if you have sensitive eyes or plan on spending many hours outdoors. Get the look with these Fendi sunglasses. Stylish and practical at the same time…

pink lens sunglasses autumn

Fendi FF 0286/S



Green/Grey Lenses

GOOD FOR: Colour accuracy 

BAD FOR: Very low light

Generally, green and grey lenses are very good for most lighting conditions. Although if you’re stepping out during dawn/twilight hours in autumn/winter, light yellow makes a much better option for visual clarity. One of the biggest benefits of green lenses or grey lenses though is the accuracy of colour that you get.

For winter sports such as skiing, this makes all the difference. Green and grey work particularly well for very bright days, so for those autumn walks in the park when the sun is out, you will benefit from reduced glare and enhance eye comfort whilst still also getting the beautiful colours of falling leaves.

green lens sunglasses autumn

Polaroid PLD 2049/S



Orange/Amber Lenses

GOOD FOR: Foggy conditions 

BAD FOR: Very bright light  

One of the most trying weather conditions commuters and motorists have to deal with in autumn time is the fog. But orange and amber lenses can actually improve visual clarity. If it’s very, very foggy, opt for a more copper tone lens.

Overall, orange and amber tints are handy for the overcast conditions that we experience during the October, November, December and January. And mid-tone ambers can even help with reflecting blue light and increasing shadow definition (making it a good choice for outdoor activities and some sports).

Get the look and protect your eyes in foggy weather with these stylish Tonny TS9225, available at Select Specs for £66.91.

orange amber lens foggy conditions

Tonny TS9225



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