Coolest Colourful Sunglasses Trends 2021

We are enjoying our last hot summer days, but we all know we are missing something in terms of fashion.

The most loved accessory for this season are without doubt sunglasses, that with the ever changing trends, each year make or break our looks at the beach or during chilling time with friends.

We couldn’t resist the urge to show you the last trends for this summer 2021: colourful sunglasses with edgy frames!

Just a pair of sunglasses and the world will change colour, in every sense. Also in 2021 this accessory is destined to conquer a leading role, to give a personal touch to every look, to bring out that personal style we all have and give a glam touch to every outfit.

Green Perception…


Pop art and various animations from manga to the other Japanese artistic productions, have heavily influenced contemporary art and of course fashion too.

A large number of designers from Moschino to Gucci, Louis Vuitton, GCDS have used animation and pop art as a big inspiration for their fashion creations and accessories.

Sunglasses are the most personalized accessory and changeable item from designers, that allow you to have fun with creating always super new cool looks.

Green sunglasses will make you feel the breeze of fresh air and and the boldness of Sita Bellan, the most courageous trendsetter we have!

Kensie BOOK IT

Kensie BOOK IT

Light Pink


Rose gold frame and the pink shade sunglasses with colored lenses make you look exotic and more fiery from the regular pale look.

Unconventional and psychedelic, these glasses maintain a playful tone to wear in your free time, but they can also be trendy in street style and become the protagonists of an everyday look. Eventually finished with subtle gold and silver metallic contours, which make the nuance of the lens stand out even more, they are the turning point of the year.

StepperS STS-93010

StepperS STS-93010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…


Mercury silver sunglasses are perfect for those wanting to make a fabulous fashion impact in every situation.

Edgy and sophisticated are the very last trends of this summer, and to match with other bold colours, the collision will be phenomenal!

Karl Lagerfeld KL324S

Karl Lagerfeld KL324S

Look at me… Now!


Again green and blue lens sunglasses goggles look eye popping and fantastic in terms of new trends. The grandiose look with a little bit of a grunge touch of the combat boots and the green short dress will give you a model image.

Ironman SIMT19357

Ironman SIMT19357

Let us know in the comment section below, which of these new colorful sunglasses you are attracted the most!

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