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Floral’s were all over the Spring/Summer runways and Dolce & Gabbana are no strangers to the trend. They will have you feeling summer ready in no time at all and heading for the countryside to dance in the fields of wild flowers. Their floral collection showcases a number of different frames, colours and patterns, from 3D flower creations to beautiful 2D floral designs. Not to mention the huge range in prices that D&G have really catered for everyone!



Rosie Loves!

D&G really captured the essence of summer in their beautiful floral collection which has been spotted on a number of celebrities – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks elegant in the DG4230 with Almond Flowers!

frame 1rosie-hunting-whitely-dolce-and-gabbana-sunglasses

The limited edition beauty is bold and has an oversized frame, which sports a cat eye and 3D flowers that are painstakingly hand made. Definitely one to go onto the wish list at £598.92. Click here to view the frame.

rosie huntington dolce & gabbanaframe 2

The DG4215 from the Mosaico Collection is the most subtle frame and holds a high essence of sophistication. With a simple black cat eye frame, the 2D floral design on the arm is the perfect contrast and touch of colour to any outfit. Click here if this is the frame for you!


frame 3

The DG4230M with Almond Flowers is almost identical to the DG4230, but a little more pocket friendly! With a plain finish to the front of the frame and the statement on the arms, this style still manages to be bold. Take a closer look here.

frame 4

The DG3203 is a breath of fresh air with its beautiful pink blossom blooming across the frame. Delicate and light, this frame is perfect for day to day wear and it’s colours will make any eyes pop. If this is the frame for you, click here.


The DG3202 is the most pocket friendly of the bunch. Still sporting a partial cat eye, however, has a square finish. This frame is bright and has a bold pattern on the arms which stands out from the collection. Click here for more info!

Other new frames will be in stock soon, so keep checking back at or follow us on social media (links below.)  For more Dolce & Gabbana frames currently available click here.

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