Emily Ratajkowski Glasses: Steal Her Style

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The Emily Ratajkowski glasses look has become pretty iconic by now. Rocking the chic, hipster style with her trusty round specs, Emily Ratajkowski has created a true spectacle sensation across social media and celebrity news websites.

From the Daily Mail to Vogue, Emily’s iconic glasses look has made prescription glasses hotter than ever. And she’s created a clear message through the art of style so listen up spectacle wearing fashion lovers and Emily Ratajkowski fans; move over geek chic, because hipster glasses are in! 

A photo posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on Jan 26, 2016 at 9:04am PST

Ever since baring all for the world to see on Robin Thicke’s raunchy Blurred Lines music video, model Emily Ratajkowski quickly became an overnight sensation and shot to fame. But she’s famous for much more than just having a hot bod these days.

She’s now a true ambassador of fashion and when she’s not twerking it for pop videos and looking all glammed up for fashion shoots, she’s got an enviably effortless look that we can all relate to…..well, sort of. Looking casually gorgeous in her retro look specs, she turns a simple style into one of the sexiest glasses looks of the moment and we can’t wait to share our style steals with you…

Monday A photo posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on Nov 30, 2015 at 10:52am PST

If you love Emily Ratajkowski’s glasses as much as we do, here are 3 similar styles from the Select Specs collection to help you steal her look in seconds. Below, we have included a designer option and a mid range option, as well as a bargain option from our affordable eyewear range so you can find something to suit your budget. Now you can get the sexy Emily Ratajkowski specs at every price point:

Designer: Celine CL41380

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These stunning specs from Celine are such a close copy of Emily Ratajkowski’s glasses and feature a similar metal nose bridge and metal temples with a full rim acetate frame front in tortoise shell design. Available in 3 classic colours, the Celine CL 41380 prescription glasses are a luxury must-have and will have you looking tres on point with a cool retro vibe. These Emily Ratajkowski lookalike glasses are £224.28 and they’re totally worth the investment.

Mid Range: Sirius S007

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At just £65.00, these hipster style specs are an affordable version of the iconic glasses worn by Emily; steal her model style with these 1920s inspired vintage look glasses. Boasting androgynous appeal, they’re perfect for adding edge to any casual /daytime outfit and they’re compatible with all lens prescriptions here at Select Specs. The Sirius S007 hipster glasses are available to buy online now.

Budget: Univo U26

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These gorgeous glasses are from our budget range here at Select Specs and they even come with FREE single vision lenses and coatings, giving you amazing value for money. This frame is beautifully designed and offers a versatile style that works with the geek chic look, the nerdy look or the modern day hipster look.

With a full rim round frame and light temples, they’re a subtle addition to any outfit and they’re super comfortable to wear. These cheap hipster glasses are made from a durable plastic and will feel extremely lightweight on. At just £31.94 and compatible with all lenses, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get supermodel style!

Exude the Emily Ratajkowski look for less and get your hands on our affordable Univo U26 hipster style glasses now (also available in black).