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Having an office job, your days can get very repetitive. You may keep wearing the same things in the same ways just for ease.

This is what I tend to do, anyway. Who has the time to choose a new outfit every day, let alone mix it up?

But it’s always nice to freshen up the wardrobe, especially for work.

After all, your style reflects a part of you. So here are a few ideas to help you decide what to do.


Co-ordinating your clothes can look smart and professional, providing you have the right style.

This top and trouser set has monochrome colours, and the checked pattern looks elegant.

Sleeveless tops call for a cardigan or blazer, so stick with a single block colour like black or grey (or even bright pink if you want to liven it up).

Smart Casual

Ties for women are a rarity, but this one below is styled uniquely.

Don’t hold back if you want a change of style; this tie works well with the oversized glasses, creating a retro look.

The denim jeans keep the look casual, if your office allows this.

Not much accessorizing is needed as the tie is the centre piece of the outfit, and too much could look overcrowding.

Stay simple, especially if you opt for a patterned tie.

If you wear glasses, try out different designs as this can really affect your overall look.

Want to be alternative like the style above? Try some rounded frames. These particularly suit those who have a more angular face shape:

Bright & Cheerful

Office wear doesn’t have to be monochromatic – experiment with different patterns and colours to find out what works for you.

This floral dress from Laura Ashley would be a great way of adding a pop of colour to your average workwear look, and the cap sleeves and tailored waistline keeps it looking professional.

Decorate with Jewellery

Wearing simplistic clothing means that you can wear more accessories.

If this is something you’d like to try out, remember not to wear patterned clothing as it could begin to look a bit busy.

As well as this, keep to one kind of metal i.e. gold or silver, so you don’t look too miss-matchy.

Necklaces are a fab way to start – varying lengths shown below can make the outfit look more interesting, while creating a centre piece to your look.

Move on to bracelets, bangles and/or rings, but nothing too bling as this could steer away from the professional tone.

Take your cue from @emmahill and style the Lille blazer on downtime as well as for event season

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Layer Up

If it’s a bit chilly out, layering up is a useful way to ensure that you’re always going to be comfortable.

Blazers are a go-to for office wear, but why not try different colours to co-ordinate with the rest of your outfit?

The mustard yellow features in the blazer below are accentuated by the yellow base top underneath.

Mustards, greys and blacks are smart colours to go for, for a day at the office.

They also sit well with berries, blues and creams, so changing your base top will automatically re-vamp the look.

Our summer line up is here. Introducing the Chia Stripe jacket

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