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When you think about the 1920s and 1930s, there are so many iconic images in the American history. One of them stands as an outstanding source of debate and interest as it embodies the image of the society: the dominance of the mafia gangsters.

With impressive overcoats, hats and suits, their attire was always accurate as money and power were the most important features of the network of gangsters.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it has represented a topic for many American blockbusters, so let’s check how you can copy the style of these influential persons with the help of modern shades.

Al Capone 2.0

In 1987, Robert De Niro played the role of Al Capone in the famous movie The Untouchables.

According to the website history.comDuring America’s Prohibition era, Al Capone headed a Chicago-based crime empire that raked in millions of dollars each year through bootlegging. 

Copying the most notorious gangster in American history will always be a temptation, but it is not an easy task.

With brown lenses and frames and a design which reminds us of those infamous years, Persol PO 3055S is the perfect match.

Through shady and brown lenses we can travel in time and get the Al Capone look.

On top of this, the availability to opt for polarized lenses and the modern design makes this product a perfect mix between past and present.

English Mafia 2017

Jack “Spot” Comer is a symbol of the English gangland. notes that From the mid-thirties to the mid-fifties the main man was Jack Spot, though, like many others, much of his legend was self-penned. 

In this picture, we can spot the formal outfit of a member of the mob: exquisite coat, white shirt and tie, hat and the black sunglasses.

In order to feel like “The Spot”, you can try the MCM635 S. With a 100% black design and shady lenses, this item brings the retro feeling into today’s affairs.

The rectangular lenses project everything back into the mid-thirties when gangsters were one of the most stylish members of the society.

Carlito reloaded

Carlito’s Way is a Hollywood masterpiece in which Al Pacino delivers a five-star performance. As usual.

The fashion profile of Carlito is impressive: leather jackets, expensive jewelry, dark formal clothes and an extra scent of opulence.

Aviators are a consistent choice as they never go out of fashion, regardless of year or budget. Ray-Ban offers you the ideal option for Carlito 2017: The Ray-Ban RB3030 Aviator – Outdoorsman.

The slimmed frames on the sides and the special design make the sunglasses a classic choice.

The official website states that The Ray-Ban Outdoorsman RB3030 features an enhanced brow bar, crystal lenses, and cable temples for a more secure fit. And you don’t need a huge budget for this: only £87.00.

Vintage Scarface

You can’t write this article without mentioning the almighty Tony Montana from Scarface.

The Drug Lord’s style was simple: black suits, white shirts and stylish shades. Arrogant and elegant, this was the best description of Montana’s fashion taste.

If Scarface was one of your favorite movies of all time, then you definitely need to buy the Versace VE2140. 

Available with semi-metal or plastic frames, there are no words to describe this product.

Versace is a guarantee for quality and this item, because of the quality of its lenses, is a brilliant copy of Tony’s sunglasses. Say hello to your new little friend.

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