Red sunglasses on sand


 What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of the winter to give it sweetness.

John Steinbeck

This is probably true but we have now had enough of the winter cold and are ready for the warmth of the summer. In fact, some days feel more like summer than spring and we are eagerly awaiting to feel the first symptoms of the summer; the smiles, the kisses, the picnics on the grass with a sip of wine or champagne (OK, maybe even a glass of each) and the usual summer excitement and elation.

And what is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about summer? Sunglasses! It’s time to think about getting a pair of sunglasses to match the brightness and glow of the upcoming season. Eye wear trends for this summer follows the overall 2015 tendency frame-wise but spiced up with vivid colours to give it a finishing touch for a fresher and stunning look. The colour doesn’t necessarily have to match that of your outfit; it can perfectly complement it or make it strikingly flamboyant!

I am choosing red as this summer’s perfect colour as red sunglasses are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe! Red framed glasses are fresh and elegant and stand out stunningly on proud wearers. They are an all-time favourite amongst celebrities who wear them winningly on all occasions.

Sienna Miller wearing red sunglassesKurt Cobain wearing a pair of awesome red sunglasses


Taylor Swift and Jessica Biel go for red sunglasses
Whatever your style, there are plenty to choose from and trendy red sunglasses don’t always have to cost a fortune. Red designer sunglasses are available for less than £80 and there are lots of styles to choose from. Take a look!

[title maintitle=”” subtitle=”Polaroid Premium X8412″]

Polaroid Premium Collection X8412
For only £77, these designer sunglasses will protect your eye as much as they will make you look dazzling whether you go for a casual or smart look. They are available in 2 more colours but I obviously go for the red ones!

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[title maintitle=”” subtitle=”ESPRIT ET17828″]

Esprit ET17828 designer red sunglasses

You will be captivated by this fabulous pair of glamourous Esprit sunglasses as it is impossible not to love both the cool, stylish appearance and the price tag. At only £63, you have 3 more fascinating colours to choose from. Check them out here.

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[title maintitle=”” subtitle=”OWLET OWIS102″]

Owlet OWIS102 Red rimmed sunglasses

If you want to be a la mode without spending much, the Owlet red rimmed sunglasses is your best option. With a price tag of only £22, these modern fit-all-styles sunglasses attracts all sorts of wearers in pursuit of fashion. I love them because you can go chic while being easy on the pocket!

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[title maintitle=”” subtitle=”RAY-BAN WAYFARER”]

Ray Ban Wayfarer Red Rimmed Sunglasses

This pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer are just amazing and you can get hold of these beautiful sunglasses for just £102! Not bad for a pair of  Ray-Bans which can also be prescription sunglasses. I love the flashy vintage frame which looks stunning when matched with red lipstick or a red-stripped T-shirt, or both! Suitable for men but look just as striking on women.

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RayBan WayFarer stunning red sunglasses

[title maintitle=”” subtitle=”TURNING HEADS RED SUNGLASSES”]

But ladies, for those of you who fancy catching all eyes, these are the sunglasses you want for this summer:
[title maintitle=”” subtitle=”CÉLINE CL 41050″]

Celine CL 41050_S marvelous red cat eye sunglasses

All I can say is WOW! This pair of sunglasses have it all; they are retro, yet modern and elegant. It is just the perfect finishing touch for a classy and stylish look with an impeccable result. They are £186 and worth every penny!

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[title maintitle=”” subtitle=”MARC JACOBS MJ 486/S”]

Marc Jacobs fashionable red sunglasses

These sublime retro sunglasses are the right accessory for any outdoor event. Whether you go for a sophisticated, vintage or retro outfit, this pair of distinct and chic designer sunglasses will perfectly match your look. You will undoubtedly achieve an enviable ultramodern style with them! They are available at a discounted price for £177.

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Which one will you go for? I would love to hear what you think or to see your pictures showing off how fab you look wearing your red sunglasses via Instagram or Twitter.

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