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Get the Look: Totally On-Trend Ombre Glasses

You may be familiar with ombre hair, ombre lips, ombre everything – but what about ombre glasses?

This colour effect has been around for a while in the world of beauty and fashion, but now these gorgeous gradient tones are taking over eyewear and becoming a popular trend for glasses wearers.

Derived from the French word “ombrer,” which means “to shade,” ombre features tones or colours that fade into each other – often light tones into dark.

Since a few years back, ombre hair has been everywhere, with brunette and rich caramel tones seen on celebrities such as Drew Barymore and Jessica Alba who love the look. Soon after, famous fashion designers such as Stella McCartney and DKNY started to feature gradient-coloured garments on their catwalks while the trend was also incorporated into interior design elements for the home.

Nearly all eyewear trends are inspired by the latest fashions, so it was only a matter of time before we saw ombre frames. Available in a choice of colourways and styles, ombre glasses are a great alternative to block colour frames and will add a fashionable edge to any outfit.

If you love this look, check out our top 10 picks of ombre and gradient effect glasses available online at SelectSpecs.

1. Hallmark 8203

Hallmark 8203 glasses

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First up, the Hallmark 8203 glasses offer glasses wearers a contemporary twist on a classic style. The ever-popular wayfarer-style frames feature a tortoiseshell finish which fades into bright pink for an unexpected but pretty pop of colour that’s perfect for the upcoming spring/summer season.

2. Gucci GG3558

Gucci GG 3558

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For a unique take on the ombre trend, check out the colourful Gucci GG3558 glasses. While its usually the frames that are the main style focus, these statement specs feature ombre effect arms in bright blue and purple. Gucci branding on the side adds a luxurious touch.

3. TODS TO5112


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Do you love the monochrome look and tend to shy away from bright colours? Well you can still get in on the ombre trend by opting for a simple black and white look such as the TODS To5112 glasses. These bold wayfarer frames make a statement with black gradients frames that fade out into clear plastic.

4. Smith Optics Bradford

Smith Optics Bradford

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For a subtle ombre effect, the Smith Optics Bradford glasses are the ultimate in class and sophistication. These stylish specs have a serious side with thick, rectangular frames that are conventional enough for the office but can be dressed up too. The dark brown tortoiseshell finish fades into a lighter shade at the bottom.

5. William Morris WL3503

William Morris WL3503 glasses

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These gorgeous William Morris WL3503 glasses are not for the faint-hearted but are perfect if you want to lift your look with a pair of colourful specs. These beautiful frames feature a vibrant pink crystal effect that fades out for an eye-catching look.

6. Antares K9034

Antares K9034

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If you’re looking for an understated version of the ombre eyewear trend, the Antares K9034 glasses works for every occasion, from work to weekend wear. The chic oval-framed specs fade from dark grey to translucent white for a finish that will beautifully complement any outfit without causing a colour clash.

7. Universal Chevrolet

Universal Chevrolet

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Ombre glasses are not only super stylish right now but can be extremely flattering for any face. Take the Universal Chevrolet for example. Instead of drab, dark coloured frames, these favourable glasses feature brown tops that gradually turn into soft violet for a more delicate look.

8. Hallmark 6005

Hallmark 6003

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If we know anything about style, we’re pretty sure that fashionistas will love this pair of cool and contemporary specs. The Hallmark 6005 glasses features brown gradient frames along with thin metal arms that add a unique and modern vibe to them.

9. METZ 1480

METZ 1480

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The METZ 1480 glasses have an elegant look that will add a fashionable finish to dressy outfits and evening wear. Rectangular frames have been updated with an enigmatic purple fade effect with silver star detail on the side that will look amazing with a little black dress.

10. William Morris BL033

William Morris BL003

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Finally, the William Morris Black Label BL033 glasses are full of sassy appeal, combining a feminine cat eye shape with a colourful ombre effect. Deep navy fades into violet and light blue for a stand out look.

As you can see, gradient glasses are an effortlessly easy way to incorporate the ombre trend into your every day look. Do you love this eyewear trend? Shop fashionable ombre glasses and many other styles online at SelectSpecs!