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Women are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. As is the ordeal of buying gifts for them (even if you are one).

So here are some ideas on how to go about doing it right.

A Flower Subscription

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We would like to say that this one is fool proof, but there is such a thing as a woman who doesn’t like flowers, but there is also such a thing as a succulent subscription.

Problem solved.

A variety of options exist, whether a one off bouquet (not recommended, as it is a bit cliche), or once a week for the foreseeable future, yes, please.


Yes, we realize this is a very broad stroke, but you just can’t really go wrong with anything on Etsy, steer away from clothing items, as the dreaded: which is worse; too small or too big conundrum rears it’s ugly head.

Otherwise, it’s all beautiful.

Obviously you need to know the receiver of said gift well enough to know whether they like troll doll planters or mini unicorn piñatas (we are inclined to say both).


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There is no such thing as a person who doesn’t like crafting, you just haven’t found their craft, get creative, techie?

Try an Arduino kit, artistically inclined?

Try some art supplies, Kendall Jenner had the right idea with her science project gift box for her niece.

Add a how to book, with different project supplies in separate baggies with the corresponding page number. Priceless.

Knick Knacks & Accessories

Jewelry, bags, sunnies, home decor, knick knacks and beautiful accessories, go all out with one extravagant piece (see sunglasses below for inspiration), or create a themed box (see Themed Gift section below).


Sooner or later, your work speaks for itself. 💕 SG

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Think back to that succulent subscription above, get a “make your own terrarium” kit, or buy one ready made, they are easy to care for, so having a green thumb is not necessary, and make an amazing gift, they come in a myriad of sizes, shapes and price points, so they suit all different occasions.


Whether it is a spa getaway with her girlfriends, with you, a massage gift card, or even a candlelit bubble bath and a back rub.

We all love to be pampered.

Yoga Retreat

The idea here is relaxation, not fitness, as buying someone a gym membership as a gift, unless specifically requested, is not a good idea.

That being said, if your gift is all themed around zen vibes and relaxation, this is a great bonus, whether a full on retreat or membership, or even just a DVD or online membership for classes.

Get in the mood with these very chill sunnies, for yourself or that special someone.

Instax with Picture Prompts

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the gift of a camera, specifically of the instant variety, which are all the rage currently, is as thoughtful a gift as they get, make a stack of fun photo prompts on cards to take together, they can also be fun trip ideas.

These sunnies will make your special someone photo ready in an instant.

Evening in a Box

Whether it is movie night themed, spa themed, or just a night with you.

Put together snacks, a board game, movie, or the activity of the night, with fun accessories, like a snuggle blanket or eye mask.

All together in an appropriately adorned box or basket.

Mason Jar Goodies

Mason jar gifts are a great add on to any special occasion, fill with nail polishes and a nail file etc. for a manicure mason jar (as seen above) or make a hot cocoa with marshmallow mix, all ready to be made and drank, check out Pinterest for more fun ideas.

Footsie Pajamas & Hygge

Hygge, the Danish work which means to live well, all cozy and comfy, brings images of loosely knitted blankets, fluffy slippers and cats purring.

While pets don’t make good gifts, that blanket, those slippers, a pair of footsie pajamas, a homey scented candle, and this book will.

Themed Gifts

Does your significant other love cats? or chocolate? or gangster rap?

Whatever their choice of obsession, make a themed gift box based around their love of a certain celebrity, food item, activity, era, or interest.

These cat eye specs would fit right into the feline theme.

Plan on making your gift purchases online? Check out this comprehensive guide for tips on getting the safest, best deal.

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