Matching Specs + Hairstyles

An accessory to add to your look with a significantly stylish outcome: eyewear. From sunglasses to specs they are a way to express your true personality and style, so be aware and make the right choice.

Explore the right frames, colours, and styles to match your hairdo to round up your character.

Of course, you can wear your favourite glasses with any kind of haircut and style.

Nevertheless, there are certain details you need to keep an eye out for to continue stealing glances from passerbys as you walk along the streets of your city.

Rule #1: Avoid Thick Glasses & Curls

Heavy curls are exquisite!

Every woman in this world dreams to have magnificently perfect soft curls.

Try to avoid wearing thick-framed glasses as these will cover your face too much.

You need to look for glasses that are a complementary to your wonderful curls.

Opt for options such as rimless glasses.

Try rimless glasses such as the Oliver Peoples OV 5186C Gregory Peck Clip-on:


Rule #2: Match Frames With Bangs

Attention straight-haired girls with bangs.

Frames are a perfect invention to boost up your style.

Selena Gomez, pictured below, opted for lightly rimmed frames that underline her face.

However, be careful with your choice: if the frames are too thick you might end up being only hair and glasses.

Your face will succumb in the attempt.

Also, maintain your bangs at a length that allows you to show off your eyewear.

The Savannah 8121 in brown is the best choice to pair up with your bangs:


Rule #3: Mono-Colour Specs + Highlights

There’s no limit on the hair colour choice for your highlights.

As for your glasses, preferably, choose single-coloured glasses that don’t steal away the main role of your hair.

Opt for plain designs and glasses with few details.

If you’d prefer a little bit of colour remember: subtle is key.

For fineness in your look choose the Guess GU7487:


Rule #4: Uncombed Ponytails

It doesn’t matter if your glasses are thick-framed, multicoloured or rimless, any pair works here.

As a matter of fact, the more extravagant, the greater will be the eye-catcher effect.

Oversized are a great choice to underline the simplicity of your hairdo.

Or what about cat-eye glasses?

Wild up your looks with the Marc Jacobs MARC 165/S:


Rule #5: Contrasting Hair-Colour

In other words, if you have light-coloured hair wear dark glasses, and vice versa.

If you have dark hair make the contrast with light frames.

Simply because it looks extraordinary and will provoke a lot of turnarounds to look at you!

The Salvatore Ferragamo SF831S are real eye-catchers!

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