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If there’s one decade we can’t let go of, it’s the 90s. From the undying slip dress to our love of sports luxe to the comeback of platform shoes and plaid, some of today’s biggest runway movements are 90s-inspired. Thinking back to some of the hottest stars of that era, it’s easy to see why there’s been zero closure for our wardrobes.

Whether it’s Drew Barrymore’s grungy denim, Courtney Love’s iconic red lipstick or Jennifer Aniston’s perfect hair, this is a decade that is forever etched in our memories. In a time before Instagram, these oldskool ‘influencers’ really made an impact. Fashion isn’t ready to say goodbye to those days just yet, and neither are we!

Right now, we’re loving the return of 90s skinny sunglasses, designed for just enough coverage on a sunny day (but probably not enough protection from the paparazzi). Think the microshade with extra attitude, and an even wider range of lens colours, style and shapes. If you like all things retro like us, here are some of the best 90s sunglasses to complete your throwback wardrobe for 2020…

Skinny Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Vogue VO5237S Skinny Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
Vogue VO5237S

These Vogue VO5237S sunglasses combine some of fashion’s most resilient trends. Tortoiseshell (faux of course) has been around since forever, weathering all seasons and never failing to come up tops. This timeless pattern has become a much-loved classic and will elevate any outfit, whether glam or casual. With an extra slimline frame, these shades will bring your look bang up to date without stealing the limelight.

On-trend, seriously chic, and comfortable for all-day-long wear. These Vogue 90s sunglasses will transform your wardrobe with that vintage touch.

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Skinny Oval Sunglasses

Moschino MOS055/S Skinny Oval Sunglasses
Moschino MOS055/S

Oval skinnies are without a doubt one of the biggest style crazes to have exploded on social media. Celebs like Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner have all been spotted sporting these. And according to Instagram, you can never have too many pairs. The bottom line? These count as an essential item – and no, they probably won’t go out of fashion, ever. So we’re stocking up on 90s skinnies in every colour.

Made in an eye-catching silver and blue combo, this Moschino MOS055/S frame is one of our faves.

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Skinny Geometric Sunglasses

Fendi FF M0054/S Skinny Geometric Sunglasses
Fendi FF M0054/S

You can’t go wrong with a pair of geos and these Fendi FF M0054/S shades celebrate everything that’s cool. Lightweight metal frames are the ultimate choice for weekend jaunts, the deconstructed frame design adds an ultra-modern look to your wardrobe, and the irregular-shaped lens makes you totally avant-garde.

If you love to stand out and be different, geometric skinny sunglasses are the way to go. And designed in timeless black, this Fendi frame goes with everything. So you’ll get great cost-per-wear too.

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Skinny Rose Gold Sunglasses

Chloe CE158S skinny sunglasses
Chloe CE158S

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that rose gold is the best kind of gold around. Warming on the skin, super modern and sexy for the fashion-forward wardrobe, and 100% instagrammable, rose gold sunglasses are 2020’s accessory to covet.

These Chloe CE158S rose gold frames are a classic example of 90s skinny eyewear, adopting the narrow framefront and keeping things simple with slimline metalwork. Yet, the half-circle silhouette brings this frame up to date with current trends, turning retro into futuristic.

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Skinny Brow Bar Sunglasses

Mulberry SML006 skinny sunglasses
Mulberry SML006

Available in 4 stylish colours, these Mulberry SML006 skinny sunglasses offer fashion fans an accessible piece of eyewear that can be easily styled with anything in their wardrobe. Featuring a fun 90s element, while also having some cool, contemporary touches, these frames are perfect for weekends, casual events, music gigs and festivals.

They combine luxury and sturdy craftsmanship (as you would expect from a brand like Mulberry) with a casual edge. Choose from Honey, Havana, Pink or Black.

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Skinny Colour Lens Sunglasses

Karl Lagerfeld KL312S skinny sunglasses
Karl Lagerfeld KL312S

Can’t get enough of coloured lenses? Neither can we. Throw it back to the 90s with these Karl Lagerfeld KL312S sunglasses, designed to add a high-end finish to any outfit. Team with black denim to channel Selena Gomez, wear with your favourite playsuit to hit up a festival, or finish off your beach kimono with a runway-approved accessory.

These shades are available in 3 chic colours, each one with oodles of retro charm to elevate your 90s-inspired wardrobe!

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