How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger: Tips for Glasses and Eye Makeup

It has long been said that wearing prescription glasses can make your eyes appear bigger. So if you’re after that youthful, doe-eyed look (think Zooey Deschanel, Katy Perry or Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman), being a glasses wearer can be a major style plus! But is it really always the case with glasses and the appearance of larger eyes?

With the wrong choice of frames and incorrect makeup application, this won’t be the case at all; in fact, only ‘plus’ prescription lenses for longsighted vision and hyperopia really give that magnifying effect. And even then, this effect only becomes noticeable after +3.00 dioptres.

So what do people mean when they say that glasses can make your eyes look bigger? Well, the right frames can really help to ‘frame’ your face and as a result, they can draw attention to your eyes. So how can you maximise this effect with every day makeup? Here are 8 great tips to help make your eyes look bigger with glasses…

1. Choose the Right Frames for Your Face Shape

Spectacle style 101 starts here; finding the right fit for your face will help to manage the proportions of your features. The first step is to determine what face shape you have (round, oval, square or heart). To find the right glasses, browse the Select Specs range including rimless and semi-rimless, round and oval, aviator style, square or horn rimmed.

2. Frame Your Brows to Your Specs

Well-groomed and well-shaped brows is the key to beauty. Brows can help to frame your eye area and this helps to make your eyes look larger. If you have bold spectacles, it’s important that your brows don’t lose the war in definition, so make sure you invest in a decent brow kit. Some great brow products include the Sleek Eyebrow Palette, the Benefit Gimme Brow Gel and the Smashbox Brow Defining Wax.

makeup brows


3. Curl Your Lashes

To have the appearance of larger eyes, you need to make sure your eyes look ‘awake’. Your lenses can magnify whatever’s going on with those peepers (including your hangover redness and puffy skin) so use an eyelash curler to widen your eye area, use a blending sponge to create airbrushed foundation / concealer, and carry eye brightening drops to keep them refreshed all day long. These little tricks will really work wonders. Just make sure you keep a pair of eyelash curlers in your handbag for on-to-go touch ups.

4. Use Light Makeup Colours

Dark eyeshadows can be defining, but they can also make your eyes look smaller. Try light eyeshadows for a fresh appearance and try dabbing a small amount of white pencil / eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye to highlight the whites of the eyes.

5. Use Thicker Eyeliner for Thicker Frames

Proportion is everything when it comes to makeup and glasses; if you have thick frames, apply your eyeliner to match. Just make sure everything is in proportion otherwise your big specs could make your eyes look smaller than they actually are.

6. Play Around with Shimmer Makeup

Shimmer makeup creates tricks with the light, which is why spectacle wearers should try using shimmers and sparkly eyeshadows (especially for Christmas party season). Even the most subtle shimmer shade on the lower lid can make a difference to your overall look.

7. Smudge Your Eyeliner for a Smokey Eye Effect

Just because you’re wearing specs, doesn’t mean you have to kiss goodbye to the sexy, sassy smokey eye makeup look. Smudging your eyeliner can really help to enlarge your eyes; just remember to use lengthening mascara to really make them pop with your frames.

8. Try Different Eyeliner Styles

If your prescription glasses seem to make your eyes appear smaller, trying using the Indian-influenced ‘kohl kajal’ style which goes all the way around the eye – this really helps to define them. Or extend the width of your eyes with a cute 60s catflick – this really helps to elongate that upper eyelid area.

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  • Anita Mas says:

    I guess I need to pick the right kind of frames for my face shape. Getting horn rimmed glasses probably won’t be happening, but it’s nice to know my options. Since I need to get a new pair anyway, I might as well get ones that look good on me. Maybe I’ll have to start being a little more careful with my makeup application as well.

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