How to Wear Glasses Confidently

We have all been there; standing in front of the mirror, turning side ways, thinking how people might see us, and asking the person in front in the reflection “How do I look? Do I look good in these glasses?”

Then we go on and spray our favorite perfume, brush our teeth, get close to the mirror as much as we can, tweezer that one out of order hair in our eye brow and rate ourselves on the confidence scale we’ve canvassed in our head.

We all lack some sort of confidence and can’t be 100% at all times. Sometimes we just want to hide from the world and cocoon back to our so called caved comfortable zone.

But, starting from today, you don’t have to hide away or worry about your confidence levels in glasses.

With our following top tips on how to be confident with eyewear, you’ll get a pick-me-up in no time.

1. Trash Negative Beliefs

By simply tweaking your way of thinking. change old habitual thoughts by replacing them with new energizing beliefs. You will bring out the most confident self in you.

Have you ever wondered why many doctors, scientists, movie stars, tv hosts, professors and many other successful figures wear glasses?

Do you think they all suffer short or long sightedness? Or have some sort of an eye sight issue?

The answer is no they don’t.

They know that wearing fashionable, trendy and good looking specs will up their game when it comes to not only looking confident but acting so.

Pick the right pair of lenses for you that make you look and feel your best.

2. Get Multiple Pairs

When we see and meet people with glasses, our unconscious mind instantly registers that person is smart, intelligent and confident even without knowing anything about them.

It obliges you to give them respect and attention while having a conversation.

People can tell a lot from a person’s glasses type simply because it takes a lot of sense of style to shop for the right pair, if not pairs.

If you want to look your best and beyond, make sure you have at least two different pairs with styles that suit your life.

The specs you choose for work can not be the same for when you go out for a nice dinner with confident minded people or that meeting you have been longing for to seal the deal.

It’s been a notion since we were kids that we got told if you don’t eat enough carrots, you’ll get bad eye sight when you grow older, but we were never told that people who wear glasses look cool and confident.

3. Select Specs to Suit Your Face

Every face is different, we all have different facial features, head sizes, eye shapes, noses, cheek bones, hair styles etc.

Think about all these details when you’re choosing your next pair and the process of finding the perfect pair will be easy.

Before making a decision on say the best 5 pairs you selected, simply ask your friends and family what do they think.

Send an email to your co-workers or show them a photo during your lunch break.

It never hurts to ask.

4. Believe In Yourself

When you have finally bought the perfect pair; that’s only half of the job.

The other half is the way you carry yourself in those amazing looking specs. Be bold, trust yourself and the way you look.

Never hide or shy away; show the world how good looking you are by saying to your self “I really love how I look in my new glasses”

Research has shown that the way you see the world is the same way others see you. As for carrots, you may check your local supermarket.

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