Japanese Street Style: Best Eyewear Inspiration For 2017

Japanese fashion is an interesting topic of conversation. Compared to British fashion, Japanese trends are a lot more unusual and offbeat.

Inspired by many non-fashion influences such as hip-hop culture, Victorian influences, punk and anime – it is safe to say that Japanese fashion trends are a lot more varied.

The Japanese fashion industry is also similar to the UK’s in other ways.

They also happen to take major influence from inspirational high-end designers who are notable in the industry.

This translates into what trends the Japanese public sees in popular high-street stores.

Big names such as Rei Kawakubo and Comme des Garcons are some great examples.

We personally are a big lover of Japanese fashion trends, as they are so different to what is seen here in the UK.

Therefore, lets take a look at some of the top eyewear looks hailing from the Japanese streets!

Customized Denim

เอี๊ยมกางเกงยีนส์สไตล์แนวๆ สุดเก๋ เนื้อผ้าใส่ไม่ร้อน พิมพ์ลายการ์ตูนด้านหน้าและหลัง สีสันสดใส แต่งเข็มกลัด้ก๋ๆ สายหนังปรับขนาดความยาวได้ ^^ มีเชือกผูกด้านหน้าค่ะ กระเป๋าข้างกางเกง ทั้งสองข้างค่ะ ผ้า ยีนส์ 2 สี – ฟ้า – เขียวทหาร Free Size อก Free ใต้ราวหน้าอก 40" สะโพก 46" ยาว 53" (ยาวโดยประมาณสายปรับสั้นยาวได้) สนใจสินค้า สอบถามได้นะงับ 😄 🆔 Line: anything.u.want 🖥+66 86 6192297 BABY ❤❤❤❤ BARBIE SHOP ROOM 424 OXFORD 5 2ND FLOOR PLATINUM FASHION MALL #fashion#dress#bags#koreastyle#korealook#koreastyle#koreafashion#japanesestyle#japaneselook#japanesestyle#japanesefashion#bohemian#streetwear#cool#gorgeous#tribal#wholesale #retail

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What a great look from this Japanese lady.

In this street shot, she is sporting an outfit consisting of a plain white long sleeved tee and some oversized dungarees.

We are loving the quirky customization.

This is such a cool way to add interest to an otherwise uninteresting ensemble.

Matching trainers and a funky pair of aviator sunglasses finish off the look perfectly.

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Gothic Girl

This outfit really shows how versatile Japanese fashion trends are.

We are obsessing over this gothic influenced look.

This girl is wearing a simple black crop top which features cut out shoulder detailing.

She has styled it with an illustrated skater skirt – giving us a real witchy feel.

Fishnet tights, grungy jewellery, and a matching rucksack complete the ensemble.

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Futuristic & Fabulous


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The third look appears to be incorporating more of a futuristic type theme.

In this elevator shot, this girl is repping a space inspired midi length dress, which contains a full skirt.

Cute socks and metallic brogue style shoes help to bring the look together.

We are loving the way in which this girl has smartened up the outfit with a formal grey blazer.

The addition of the woolly beanie hat makes this the perfect transition look into the Autumn/Winter months.

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Punk Rock

What an awesome outfit from this young Japanese student.

A coloured tee has been styled up with a layered faux leather combination.

The bright sleeves add a pop of colour to the mix.

Gold brogue style shoes and a quirky pair of specs make this outfit stand out amongst the rest!

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Kawaii Chic

What a sweet yet well-formed outfit from this Japanese girl.

In this street shot, she is sporting a monochrome fitted midi dress.

The bodice of the garment seems to be heavily inspired by Victorian fashion.

She has styled the outfit with some sheer tights, a pair of statement platform shoes, and this funky heart shaped handbag.

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