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Katie Lynch Gives SelectSpecs her Favourite Style Tips

Katie Lynch Boho Moon

Bubbly, straight to the point and very funny; Katie Lynch, the fashionable 22 year old, Vogue approved entrepreneur from Kent, created her online boutique whilst studying (and graduating) from Kingston University and hasn’t looked back since.

What started out as a pastime to create a little extra income, turned into a very successful business catching the eyes of not only Vogue, but Elle and Glamour, cementing Katie’s status as a woman who knows style.

Lynch, the owner and creator of Boho Moon, the UK’s number one boho boutique store, shows us how to work sunglasses and gives us her trends to look out for next year.

Katie Lynch, Instagram
Katie Lynch, Instagram

Catering to teenagers and young women, Boho Moon is for those women with a hippy, earthy kind of style; a trend Katie sees making a comeback next year.

I can see bohemian style returning this year. Coachella and similar festivals kick-start this type of trend amongst everyone and it’s hard not to get on board.

No matter how fashion forward Katie is, she still looks up to other fashionistas Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens for inspiration: “I love these two as they are cool and edgy, it’s the type of style I tend to go for.”

It would be difficult for anyone following Katie on Instagram not to get style envy, especially her sunglasses collection.

Katie Lynch, Bohomoon owner
Katie Lynch, Instagram

Katie’s choice of sunglasses brand is Quay, an Australian brand founded in 2004 off the music festival circuit that sells glasses that are quirky and effortlessly cool.

But for Katie, she believes glasses trends depend on the shape of the persons face:

I own at least 20 different pairs of sunglasses. I really depend on my favourite ones, which is definitely my Céline pair. I love them as they suit my face and my style perfectly.

French brand Céline is particularly well known for edgy eyewear designs, liked by not only Katie’s style crush Kylie Jenner, but by many other A-list stars too like Rihanna and Katy Perry.

Céline sunglasses at SelectSpecs

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The Céline CL 41756 model, like Katie’s, completely embodies the brand’s dynamic – retro designs revived to become ultra-modern creations, it’s one of our favourites here at SelectSpecs.

Lynch does not believe that all glasses are made equal though, at least not for her and so she knows the importance of shopping for eyewear that suits your face shape: “I also love straight top glasses, but hate the circle shaped frames as the type of shape does not suit my face at all.”


Katie and Boho Moon seem to be going from strength to strength, proving the power of a finishing-touch accessory of either jewellery or sunglasses is a look that’s not going to be going away any time soon.

You can find Katie on her Instagram here, or shop amongst her incredible Boho Moon jewellery range here.