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Men’s Designer Glasses: Buyer’s Checklist

When it comes to shopping for men’s designer glasses, there are lots of things to consider. Your choice in prescription specs should feel comfortable to wear while also complementing your wardrobe. Furthermore, accessories like eyeglasses are often an extension of your personality. Are you fun and flirty? Serious and grown-up? Dark and enigmatic? Or the life and soul of the party?

Good eyewear lasts for a long time too, and has the versatility for a whole range of events and occasions. So if you’re shopping for some new men’s designer frames, here’s a 4-point checklist to help you pick the right pair.

1) Know Your Face Shape

The most important aspect to consider when it comes to aesthetics is the silhouette of your glasses frame front. While there are exceptions to the rule, round glasses usually suit more angular face shapes and square glasses look best on rounder face shapes. Of course, it’s a lot more nuanced than that as there are many different face shapes and a whole variety of eyewear silhouettes to choose from.

For the full lowdown, head over to our face shape advice page.

Square face shapes suit…

Brooklyn D221

These Brooklyn D221 specs are a hipster style staple, bringing retro vibes to your day-to-day look. Style with your nine-to-five boardroom attire, your weekend casuals, or your beer garden get-up. Day or night, these glasses are versatile enough to blend right in while giving you a street-style edge. 

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Round faces suit…

Philipp Plein VPP083M

If you have a round face shape, shop for men’s designer glasses with sharp edges. This will help to frame your face and make your features stand out. Does your jawline need a bit of extra definition? Don’t have the cheekbones of Guy Pearce? Opt for something bold like the Philipp Plein VPP083M glasses…

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2) What Colours Suit You?

Choosing colours and patterns can be very personal and everyone has their favourite hues in fashion. But as eyewear is worn on the face, it’s important to think about which colours complement your skin tone. You may even want to consider your hair colour and eye colour too when shopping for men’s designer glasses!

If you’re in the market for metal-rimmed specs, be sure to know whether your skin tone is warm or cool…

Stepper Eyewear SI 60241

Gold-toned frames like the Stepper Eyewear SI 60241 prescription glasses work best with warmer skin tones…

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Hero For Men HRO-4052A

These Hero For Men HRO-4052A glasses come in a stylish and modern pewter colour, which is ideal for cooler skin tones…

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3) Match Your Wardrobe Style

After considering your face shape and skin tone, be sure to think about your day-to-day wardrobe. Where do you spend most of your time? At the office? Outdoors? Or jetting off to different destinations? Whatever you’re up to, your specs need to match your lifestyle and the clothes you wear.

Men’s designer glasses are an investment, so choosing something versatile is key…

Marc Jacobs MARC 545

Marc Jacobs is a great option for every day. These Marc Jacobs MARC 545 frames channel the geek chic look, ensuring timeless appeal with your boardroom blazer or your favourite pair of jeans. Scruffy or scrubbed up, they’re the real deal.

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4) Trends vs. Classics

Finally, shopping for the best pair of men’s designer glasses requires a good understanding of trends vs. classics. Do you want something that’s fresh off the runways, or a style that never goes out of fashion? Do you want to be seen in the latest designs, or do you prefer to be utterly timeless?

If you update your eyewear often, trends are your best friend and it can be easy to experiment with different looks every season. But if you want an investment piece – a pair of specs that can last for years to come – classics may be a better move.

Trend fans will love these O’Neill ONB-4009 specs, designed with a transparent frame as seen on FROW…

O’Neill ONB-4009

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While classic dressers may prefer something simple and elegant, like these CAT CTO-3020 glasses…

CAT CTO-3020

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