Millennial Style 101: Rules For A Chic Wardrobe

5 Millennial Style Rules to Stick To

From the way we turn fashion into function (think geek chic glasses or our love for comfortable, durable shoes) to the way we are socially and ethically conscious when we shop, Millennial trends are so chic and so relatable.

If you were born between 1981 and 1997, you’re in the Millennial or Y and Z generations. But what about your wardrobe? Is your fashion sense up to date? Do you know how to style the biggest trends of your era?

Here are 5 Millennial style rules to stick to for the coolest wardrobe ever!


1. Wear Specs And OWN IT

How to Nail Millennial Style

Prescription eyewear is not something to shy away from as a Millennial fashion icon. Glasses are cool and squinting is not. And the bigger or bolder, the better!

If you aren’t short-sighted or long-sighted, no problem. Faking it is cool too, and everyone’s doing it from Kendall Jenner to Helena Christensen.

It’s also a popular trend these days to appreciate styles from times gone by, so vintage look specs or retro inspired frames are hot property.

These i Wear i Wear 6055 glasses are ideal for everyday and they are also available as sunglasses.

millennial glasses trends

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2. Don’t Wear Too Many Labels

How to Nail Millennial Style

One of the biggest tips for achieving an immaculate Millennial look is to avoid wearing too many brands or overloading on high end designer gear – indie labels are totally chic and understated is the way to go.

When it comes to frames for your face however, feel free to splurge. Because quality is everything in the Millennial’s wardrobe, you simply cannot cut corners with your specs.

At the same time, choosing something that’s designer yet also low key will earn you extra point, like these gorgeous geek chic Celine CL 41351 glasses. Instantly recognisable with all the right designer detailing, but no OTT branding.

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3. Invest In ONE Designer Accessory

5 Millennial Style Rules for a Chic Wardrobe

Did you know that Generation Y are more likely to spend money on one big purchase (such as an investment handbag) rather than loads of cool clobber?

So wave goodbye to the days of fast fashion and start saving for something that you can one day resell (for a decent price), or pass down the generations for fashionistas of the future.

Spending your money on one single high value item also gives you maximum cost per wear.


4. Bend The Gender Rules

5 Millennial Style Rules

No other generation before us has ever blurred the lines between gender and stereotypes, allowing us so much more freedom to express ourselves in the way we want.

So many people are born into the wrong bodies, and being able to be free from gender style rules is something we should promote in a healthy way.

Let our generation be the pioneers of gender neutral fashion! So don’t shop as a man or a woman; shop as yourself.

And ‘yourself’ is whatever you choose to be. Some of the best gender neutral brands to watch right now include 69 Worldwide, Toogood London, NotEqual and One DNA.


5. Wear Sunglasses All Year Round

Wind, rain or shine, your shades are a must. No self-respecting Millennial would expose themselves to harmful UV rays. Health is important to our generation and that means taking care of our skin and eyes when we’re outside.

Sunscreen goes without saying in any season, and as the sun’s glare can damage our vision at any time of year, it’s crucial that we wear our sunglasses from summer to winter.

Besides, they look awesome and at Select Specs, we have fully protective UV400 shades starting from as little as £10.00 (like our Savannah 8121). So there’s really no excuse…

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