Eyewear Solutions For Night Blindness

The complex miracle called eyesight and its health are present on our daily agenda. Even though we have to protect our eyes against any disturbing occurrences, we tend to forget or even ignore the imminence of dangers.

Our vision is not one to mess with.

Let’s explore another chapter from the universe of dangers which can affect our eyes, an affection called night blindness.

Nyctalopia or night blindness is not identical with a complete lack of seeing or recognizing objects during the night.

According to eyehealthweb.com, there are several things which happen to people suffering from night blindness:

If you have night blindness, you will have consistent difficulties in seeing at night, but will be able to see normally during the day or when an adequate amount of light is present. You will not be able to see objects in the dark that are easily visible to others, and your eyes may need more time to adjust after you go from a brightly lit space into a dark space, such as a movie theatre. People with night blindness often have problems driving at night.

The most common causes of night blindness are short-sightedness, glaucoma, cataracts or vitamin A deficiency, as stated by webmd.boots.com.

It is very important to pay a visit to your optician to identify which one has caused the development of night blindness in your case.

Importance of Lens Coating

If you know that this affection reflects your eye vision problems, there is one important piece of advice we can offer you as a way of fighting efficiently against this condition: lens coating.

Zeiss.co.uk points out the importance of this technique as it ‘warrants crystal-clear vision in any weather; repels dirt and simplifies lens maintenance.’ 

The same website offers you the answer to your dilemma as it clearly emphasizes that ‘lenses that do not have anti-reflective coating come with a fundamental disadvantage: They produce clearly visible light reflections that can cause vision problems.’

Well, part one is done, let’s do some business and offer you some eyewear options for your annoying night blindness.

Cheap & Safe

If you want to go for less money but a stylish result, there is a good choice: Hallmark F3026.

With a vintage and cool air, this horn-rimmed pair of glasses is a perfect item to buy for every fashion lover.

With its unisex design and the mix of plastic and metal frames, the product is accurate as it provides a palette of alternatives, with single-vision or progressives lenses.

But what is most important, free coatings are available so grab them now for only £16.00.


Classic & Stylish

We all know how well-rated are Wayfarers and that this is one of the most common fashion taste of people all around the world.

So, for your night blindness, we prepared for you the Ray-Ban RX5184 – New Wayfarer. 

Our website underlines why you should think about buying this item as the New Wayfarer is a more rectangular take on the classic design but resized to fit more face shapes, coming in 3 different sizes. 

Ok, so we knew all the positive features of the Wayfarers and now we can offer you an upgraded retro look with free coatings available.

Gray & Comfortable

It is not designed by Tom Ford or Ray-Ban but this following pair of glasses offers you the look you always wanted: subtle elegance.

As Savannah 8128 – Grey on Transparent is a good call if you’re looking for a nice eyewear option in this abundance of fashion brands.

With an outstanding 4.7 score out of 5 and rubber gray frames, there is no room for a second thought. Go for it.

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