Only Lovers Left Alive: Vampy Sunglasses Inspo

only lovers left alive sunglasses inspiration

“Only lovers left alive” is a romantic and decadent movie by Jim Jarmush, about two vampires lovers like you’ve never seen before. Yes, because these monstrous creatures are nothing like the vampires we imagine- they prefer to feed on fashion, literature and music rather than blood.

Their leather jackets, pale skin, gold embellished details and super stylish black shades make them look like two rockstars that are the sexiest and most elegant vampire movie we’ve ever seen!

Their romantic love story has lasted  for many centuries, and it is the only thing that makes them feel alive, but it will be interrupted by Eve’s rebellious sister who will bring some trouble to the timeless couple.

Let’s be inspired by these two elegant and irresistible vampire’s sunglasses style, truly timeless!

Vampire fashionista!

Eve lives at Tangeri, where she has filled her house with a huge collection of ancient books in different languages. Eve’s other passion is fashion- she has a collection of fine fabrics and during the movie she flaunts different sleek outfits.

Telda only lovers left alive

In the snap below Eve (Tilda Swinton) and Adam (Tom Hiddleston) are in the car, wearing sleek black and white outfits and Eve is wearing a pair of chic dark marble wayfarers- they look like they fresh out of a photo shoot!

only lovers left alive sunglasses steal the style

If you also found this look super attractive and want to steal her style try these classic wayfarers. The Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer will make you look mysterious and full of charm like a real vamp of course!

Ray-Ban wayfarer original, Eve inspirational (Only lovers left alive)

Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer

Black Cat-Eye for Ava

only lovers left alive sunglasses insp.

Ava is the sister of Eve who cannot resist drinking human blood, and who will bring serious problems to the lovely couple. Here she is wearing a pair of stylish cat-eye winged sunglasses with a gold embellished detail.

Try these Roberto Cavalli RC1014 if you like the look of the rebel Ava and want to add a splurgy detail to your outfit and look extra fabulous.

cat eye gold embellished roberto cavil sunglasses Ava (Only lovers left alive insp.)
Roberto Cavalli RC1014


Adam: the rockstar vampire

only lovers left alive sunglasses insp.

Long wild hair, black leather and black thick sunglasses are Adam’s characteristic fashion staples, the melancholy vampire who look like a real rockstar. He loves music and is a composer of electronic music by night.

Only lovers left alive sunglasses to copy/steal the style

If you also are tempted to steal his look, try the Oakley OO9175 GARAGE ROCK (Standard) (1/2) they will make you feel more confident than ever and make your seductive dark side shine through like a real rockstar!



For those of you who are interested to see this fantastic movie here is the trailer… enjoy!

Let us know, in the comment section below, which vampire character do you like the most and  which are you favorite sunglasses worn in this movie!

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