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Our Fave Fashion Bloggers: Their Best Sunglasses

The madness of bouncing from one fashion show to the other has ended. However, for the style hungry and trendy driven individuals, it’s the post-show reflection that counts.

It affords them the space to look through what was put out during the show by the designers as well as seeing what fashion bloggers and influencers wore to the show. And at the same time, it also serves as a backdrop on what’s happening in the world of street fashion and the style revolution that’s taking place. Inside the show as well as on the outside are the perfect environments for gaining insights into what’s in and what’s out.

Below are some of the attendees showing their real style as trendsetters themselves.

Tatiana Korsakova

A beautiful way of welcoming the cold season and still make people do a double take is by sticking to an easy type of dressing. A simple mini sweater dress with turtleneck feature paired with beautiful knee-high boots.

White boots may come across as being difficult to pull off, but this styling makes it look so easy. Love the simplicity of the hairstyle, simple, cozy dress and eye catching boots. We all know that boots are for walking and the text on the side is a comical way of reminding us all just in case we are wondering.

Funky black glasses such as Salvatore Ferragamo SF857S is perfect for the look.

Salvatore Ferragamo SF857S


Lívia Giovanardi Mascarenhas



Is nice to see someone truly having fun with fashion. Lívia teamed a white t-shirt that features ice cream motif with a bomber sequin jacket. The sequin jacket works as a fab alternative to a blazer. Even the dangling earrings didn’t overpower the jacket. We love how she paired the look with brown cat eyed glasses though it’s always tempting to reach out for black glasses all the time all because they go with everything.

There is a similar eyewear; it’s MICHAEL KORS MK2045 JAN.



Estelle Pigault

Though on the casual side, the buttoned burgundy coat is what makes the look so appealing. A far cry from the winter coat uniform of always black and grey. Love how the clinched on the waist gives it a whole new look. Not many will be comfortable wearing socks with heels, but socks with ankle boots seem more acceptable and wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

Get the look with Vogue VO5212S. It has the perfect berry shade so ideal for your cold season wardrobe.

Vogue VO5212S


A perfect pairing of high waisted flared trousers in red with black silky looking duster coat. Hair is kept simple so is the makeup. The look is finished off with a blue handbag. For eyewear ideas, we’re thinking of 70s inspired design such as Fendi FF 0259/S, perfect when going for the 70s look.

A retro style glasses made modern with decorative studs which sit neatly along the frames. The steeped gold temples and studs add quirkiness to the look and will certainly make a statement with any outfit of your choice.

Fendi FF 0259/S

Tamara and Martha

What a perfect way to make an entrance. There are so much going on here (in a good way, of course). First of all, is the sock and high heel trend. You have the same style of shoes without socks and the other with socks. It’s the perfect way to get to see the look on display. Both outfits are beautiful and well planned out. If you’ve made up your mind to try the sock trend, you need to start clearing out your drawers to make space for your sock wardrobe. The injection of candy and metallic pink (coat, handbags and skirt) made the look more fun and feminine all at once.

Do you love the eyewear choices of round and cat-eyed? For the round glasses fan seeking an identical style, take a look at RETRO 59.

Polaroid PLD 2053/S


As for the cat eyed glasses lovers, have a look at this model Karl Lagerfeld KL255S.

Karl Lagerfeld KL255S

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