Reading Glasses 101

If you’re planning on spending World Book Day with your nose in a book, have you checked that you’re wearing the best reading glasses possible for your eyes?

This year is a particularly special year for the annual celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading, as March 2nd 2017 was the 20th World Book Day!

World Book Day 2017

You can find out more about the event on the official website here. If you’re planning on whiling the day away with a book in hand (as you should!) or are just a bookworm in general, then you might find yourself reaching for your reading glasses.

At Select Specs, we suggest that you first check whether your reading glasses are prescription glasses or non-prescription ‘ready-readers’ as sold in many high-street stores.

Not sure on the differences between the two? Let us explain.

Ready-Readers and Prescription Reading Glasses: The Differences

If you picked up your reading glasses from a local chemist, supermarket or other high street store, they are likely to be ready-readers. Ready-readers come in a variety of different powers, but it can take a bit of trial and error to find the right lenses for you.

If you’ve bought ready-readers then you probably didn’t get much of a choice when it came to how they look either. They’re not usually the most stylish of frames!

Prescription reading glasses on the other hand will be fitted to your precise prescription, as given to you by your optician, meaning that they should be the perfect match for your eyes.

Qualified opticians always recommend wearing prescription reading glasses. Although ready-readers shouldn’t damage your eyes, they can cause headaches or eye strain if you’re wearing a power that isn’t correct for you or if you have another eye condition such as astigmatism.

Reasons to choose prescription reading glasses

  • To make sure you’re reading in comfort and style. First check that your prescription is still in date and you’re not due an eye test.
  • Prescription reading glasses can be made to correct multiple conditions including astigmatism.
  • Different prescriptions can be designed for each eye, giving you the best and most comfortable level of correction possible.
  • Choose from a range of high quality, durable glasses that should be much longer lasting.
  • Prescription reading glasses can be made for either high or low prescriptions, whereas ready-readers are only really suitable for very low prescriptions.
  • Available as varifocal lenses if you also need distance vision correction.

Choose a stylish pair of glasses that you’ll love to wear.

Ready-readers are only usually available in a very limited selection of styles whereas prescription frames are available in an exciting myriad of colours and designs, including offerings from your favourite fashion brands.

Ready to update your reading eyewear? View our range of men’s glasses or ladies’ glasses here and start reading in comfort & style.


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