REVO Sunglasses – New Brand on the Block Utilising Lens Technology Developed by NASA


Lens technology developed by NASA to give solar protection to satellites; REVO continues to be a highly reputable brand offering the clearest and most-advanced high-contrast polarized sunglasses.

What does that mean exactly?  Imagine the most superior lens technology the likes of NASA – NASA! – have used for their satellites but as the lenses to your sunglasses.

Let’s break it down:

Polarization:  Not just a trendy mirrored frame, polarization actually has another job other than to look cool.  You know when a location is so bright it makes you squint and eyes water?  (Think snow, sand, etc.) REVO provides 99% polarization to stop that, so your eyes are more comfortable and you can see better.


Protection:  We all know we need to protect not only our skin but also our eyes from harmful UV rays.  There’s different types of UV rays that can all lead to damage, REVO lenses absorbs UV-A, UV-B and UV-C at 100% – that’s all the UV types I know!  HEV (High-Energy Visible light, indicated to cause age-related vision degeneration) is also blocked out too, bonus.

Specialised coatings:  This is where the cool NASA technology bit comes in – REVO produces different lenses to optimize your environment.  Example?  Their ‘Blue Water’ lens cuts glare in bright conditions on water, great for surfers, sailing, fishing and other water sports.  Whereas their ‘Green Water’ lens radiate natural environments, making colour pop for golf players, cyclists and other outdoor activities .

Check out the Activity Matrix below to see what other lenses are best for a particular environment:

Revo Lens Use Activity Matrix

Superior materials:  REVO Serilium lenses, exclusive to REVO, pass strict manufacturing processes to withstand high-velocity impact whilst also feeling lightweight.  Another choice are REVO Crystal Lenses, providing the clearest optics available and resist scratching.  Both enhance colour and contrast, making it hard for us to decide which one would get our vote.

Below are the lens difference for each various environments:




This high technology isn’t just for NASA’s astronauts, professional skiers and mountain climbers though – lucky for us REVO are new to Select Specs and have just been added to stock.

So if you fancy yourself to be a sports buff, thrill seeker or someone who just likes the sound of them you can check out the full range of sunglasses here.

Experienced the power of REVO before?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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