Roberto Cavalli 2017 Eyewear

Roberto Cavalli is known and loved for his flare, bohemian style, embroidered denim and ’70 vibe.

While his “Cavalli” line is recognized worldwide, the “Just Cavalli” collection is nonetheless glamorous.

In fact, the youthful and modern fashion line was designed for the new generation that loves to be effortless and chic in the same time.

This Spring/Summer 2017, the “Just Cavalli” line is back with a brand new glam eyewear collection. If you love styles that combine boldness and innovation, the new JC collection is perfect for you.

Precious material, sought forms, animalier print, and bright colours are the distinctive features of Roberto Cavalli’s creations.

The new collection is super extra, designed for a woman who wants to be protagonist in her everyday life and doesn’t take fashion for granted.

Let’s have a look  together.

Visual Chic.

The new advert campaign is centered in a party environment where ultra glamorous models flaunt their seventies 3D sunglasses.

A mixture of chic and sporty style perfectly combines to give you that extra fashionable touch. Aka the queen of the party.

The bold colours are used to make an impeccable combination with your favorite party outfits. Playful and with the young as their principal target, these sunglasses are a hymn to youth.

These  Serengeti Cosmopolitan ANDREA wayfarer sunglasses are a close match to the new JC sunglasses proposed in the video above.

Pink animalier print with a sophisticated frame:

Sergenti Way-farer sunglasses

Red Fab.

Just cavalli 2017

Red is the king colour of this season.

Floral print shirts and red cat-eye sunglasses are a serious stylish combination for the coming parties. The refined  yet modern frame make these sunglasses a cool accessory to be worn in any occasion.

Try these red cat- eye Owlet OWIS143, to make the absolute difference:

Red cat -eye sunglasses

Murder the Dance Floor.

Red Just Cavalli 2017

Another proposal of red sunglasses are these ultra stylish red large frames. The “toothed”  frame gives the sunglasses a glamorous 3D look and a new perspective of design.

These Dior DIORAMA1 lenses are trendy & in vogue:

Dior blue touch

Green With Envy.

Just Cavalli eyewear

Another beautiful shot from the new JC advert is the model above pouring champagne with fabulous style.

The payette-pink dress is mixed with gold hoop earrings, and a pair of glam wide framed green sunglasses: a fashionable combo indeed.

If you want to copy this look immediately, try the Salvatore Ferragamo SF863S green sunglasses, you will not go unnoticed:

Green Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses

Tell us in the comment section below, which of the new trendy JC lenses you like the most

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