Spooky Eyewear from Horror Movies

Eyewear From Horror Movies
Eyewear From Horror Movies

Who can believe it, it’s that time of year again! Time to dig out your costumes, don some scary makeup and stock up on plenty of sweet treats! Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up with your mates, have a bit of a laugh and welcome in the cooler, darker days in spooky style.

If you need some help deciding on your scary outfit, then why not take some inspiration from some of the best scary movies out there? Luckily for you, we have scoured SelectSpecs’ impressive collection of eyewear to find you the perfect pair to match your spooky movie look! Keep reading to discover how you can get the look!


Jennifer’s Body – Amanda Seyfried


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Why not copy Amanda Seyfried’s outfit in Jennifer’s Body, where she plays nerdy schoolgirl Needy Lesnicki?

This film is all about Needy and her best friend Jennifer Check. Needy’s suspicions are aroused when their classmates mysteriously start getting killed one by one. Needy needs to come to terms with the possibility that the main perpetrator is her best friend – but why is this, and how can she stop her?

Get Amanda Seyfried’s look with the Infinity 9830, These tortoiseshell specs are very similar to her character Needy’s, with their retro round frame shape. Style with minimal makeup and a blonde, dishevelled half-up hairdo! This style is also available in two other colours, so be sure to check them out!

 Infinity 9830

Infinity 9830


Secret Window – Johnny Depp

Secret Window is a psychological thriller which is perfect to watch with your mates on Halloween night! And because it has Johnny Depp in it, you know it is going to be good!

It is all about Johnny’s character Mort Rainey, a writer who splits from his cheating wife and moves to a lake house in the middle of nowhere on his own. Mort is accused of plagiarism by a dangerous man called Shooter. Death threats and murder follow suit, in this gripping and terrifying horror.

Get Mort’s look with the Hallmark SD2114. These retro style specs are a super affordable replica of the pair Johnny wears and would make the perfect go-to pair to wear to the office or for everyday wear!

 Hallmark SD2114

Hallmark SD2114


House of 1000 Corpses – Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson plays Bill Hudley, who is part of a group of two couples who go off exploring Texas to try and find out more about a local horror legend Dr Satan. After getting a flat tyre, they are dragged off against their will to a family of serial killers who suck them into their disturbing activities.

Bill Hudley wears a retro pair of horn-rimmed glasses in the film, which is a look super easy to copy! Get the style with the Ray-Ban RX6317. This stylish pair is a classic which will keep you looking on-trend for many years to come!

 Ray-Ban RX6317

Ray-Ban RX6317


The Invisible Man – Claude Rains

A classic horror film created in 1933, The Invisible Man is based on the novel of the same name which was written by H.G.Wells in 1897.

The film is all about ‘The Invisible Man’ also known by his surname Griffin, who is played by Claude Rains. He is a scientist and discovers a way to become completely invisible, but in doing so also becomes completely insane. He needs to find a way to reverse his experiment, but there will be plenty of murders along the way!

Rains spends the majority of the film covered in bandages and sunglasses and only reveals his appearance right at the very end.

Get his look with the Versace VE2176. These super trendy oversized round sunglasses would make the perfect fancy dress look teamed with lots of bandages!

 Versace VE2176

Versace VE2176


Discover some more Halloween-themed eyewear with yesterday’s Halloweek post on the best spooky looks from bloggers and Youtubers!

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