SS16 Colour Trends: Pretty Pink Glasses


I know, I know. We haven’t even managed to survive the Christmas party season yet and I’m already talking about spring next year. But it’s never too early to be thinking about SS16.

If you’re anything like me (AKA fashion addict / fashion hoarder / veteran at Spendaholics Anonymous), you’re probably always thinking ahead for next season’s biggest trends. And if like me you’re a weekend millionaire / midweek pauper, you’re probably always looking for easy ways to reinvent your wardrobe without spending your entire month’s wages in one go! Other than hitting the January sales like your life depends on it, my advice would be to invest in accessories and play around with colours.

Colours, and accessorising with colours, is the fastest and simplest way of flipping your existing wardrobe on its head and giving it that fresh new look for a new season. So in light of SS16 (I promise it’ll happen before you know it), here are some gorgeous prescription specs with a spring colour focus; pink.

According to the Trend Council, the pinks we need to look out for next season are Pantone 15-2217 (‘Aurora Pink’), Pantone 18-2043 (‘Raspberry Sorbet’) and Pantone 13-1520 (‘Rose Quartz’). So here are four fabulous pairs of prescription glasses from the Select Specs collection which will have you looking pretty in pink in line with SS16’s hottest hues!

Celine CL41352 Glasses

If you’re looking for a cute pink twist on a classic design, go for stylish black frames which feature pink sides for that girly/glam finish. These black and pink specs by Celine are conventional enough for daytime and workwear but fabulous enough for styling up for the evening. The pink edges on these Celine CL41352 glasses are a fun fusion of geek chic and girly.

Savannah 8121 Pink Glasses

These glasses are unapologetically pink; they aren’t designed for the fainthearted. If you’re a pink obsessive or you’re all about trend colours, these all-pink specs with a retro rubber touch are for you. But be warned…..these Savannah 8121 Pink specs don’t blend into the background. So be prepared to turn some heads!

Juicy Couture SMART Glasses

So appropriately named, these specs by Juicy Couture are seriously cool, yet seriously smart. If you can’t wait to get with the SS16 colour trend but you need to keep your look sophisticated and simple, opt for something that is super chic like the Juicy Couture SMART prescription glasses!

Max & Co 254 Glasses

Pink is such a pretty shade but it’s not always so easy to get right, especially if you’re a bit of a pink-a-phobe like me! Go too far with the neons and brights and you’ll end up looking like Barbie – or stay too safe with muted tones and you may as well have not bothered at all. If pink isn’t exactly your shade but you fancy brightening up your wardrobe for SS16, choose a cool pinky lilac tone for your accessories. Like these stunning Max & Co 254 glasses which look great with just about any outfit!

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