Sunglasses You Can Wear To The Office

sunglasses you can wear to the office appropriate

Looking for office-friendly shades that won’t cramp your style? Or boardroom-worthy frames that will keep you looking the part when you step out in the sun?

Keeping your eyes protected is something that is extremely important throughout the seasons. No matter how much or little time you spend outside (whether it’s your daily commute or jet-setting around the globe for business meetings), shades are a must-have.

But what type of sunglasses should you be wearing for work? Here are some style rules to follow to help you decide:


#1 – Choose Stylish And Simple

sunglasses you can wear to the office

Simple shapes are easy to wear and will look effortless with every outfit in your wardrobe. Don’t over-complicate things – go for something that you can wear over and over, any day of the week.

Aviators or slightly geometric silhouettes tend to suit most face shapes so these are a safe choice for everyone.

These Dakota 8141 shades are understated, stylish and affordable frames, and are also prescription ready!

sunglasses you can wear to the office

Dakota 8141

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# 2 – Avoid Bright Colours

sunglasses you can wear to the office

We’re not saying colour is off limits, but be careful which hues you choose when it comes to business attire.

Of course, some offices are more relaxed than others and crazy colour combos may be fine in your particular industry (it’s up to you to make that judgement).

But just remember that black is timeless and will never go out of fashion, giving you maximum cost per wear and so much versatility in the workplace.

Alternatively, there’s always the classic brown / Havana / tortoiseshell look,  like these chic Storm London S29 sunglasses seen below…

sunglasses you can wear to weddings

Storm London S29

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#3 – Opt For Oversized

sunglasses you can wear to the office

There’s something instantly ‘high end’ and instantly ‘Hollywood’ about oversized sunglasses. More importantly, they can be a woman’s secret weapon when it comes to boardroom presence and empowerment.

Add a touch of glam and style confidence to your work wardrobe with these Bvlgari BV8157BQ designer frames.

sunglasses you can wear to the office

Bvlgari BV8157BQ


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