The Glasses Stereotype: What Do Your Glasses Say About You?


When you find out that your vision is not perfect and you will need to wear glasses or contact lenses to help perfect your eyesight, it can often be tricky to decide the best eye wear to suit the look you are going for.

What do people think of those wearing rimless glasses? Are people in full-framed glasses presumed to be nicer people, or is it easier just to opt for contact lenses?

Scientist Helmut Leader did some research in 2011 and titled it “The Glasses Stereotype Revisited: Effects Of Glasses on Perception, Recognitions and Impressions on the Face”, looking at three different people, those that don’t wear glasses, those that wear rimless glasses and those that wear full-rimmed glasses – this is what he found.

Contact Lenses, Rimless Glasses Or Full-Framed Glasses?

Contact Lenses

It seems that those not wearing glasses, or wearing contact lenses look more attractive to others as well as more likeable. According to the research completed by Helmut Leader people wearing contacts or not wearing glasses are seen as more likeable people by strangers than if they wore rimless glasses, whilst also more attractive than those wearing full-framed glasses.

Rimless Glasses


Helmut Leader’s research tells us that those that wear rimless glasses are seen as more attractive than those that wear full-framed glasses and more attention is drawn to their eyes than those wearing contact glasses or no glasses at all.

Strangers also feel those wearing rimless glasses are more successful and intelligent than those wearing contact lenses. However (and perhaps most interestingly), strangers also felt that people wearing rimless glasses were more trustworthy than those wearing no glasses or contact lenses and those wearing full-framed glasses.

Full-Framed Glasses

Full-Framed Glasses

According to the research from Helmut Leader it has been proven that those wearing full-framed glasses look more distinctive than those wearing rimless glasses, contact lenses or no glasses at all. It was also proven that there is a better level of eye contract and more attention to the eyes for those that wear full-framed glasses. Strangers also think that wearers of full-framed glasses are more successful and intelligent.

So What Have We Learnt?

If you want to go for the look of a more likeable person then contact lenses are the best option for you, however if you want to look more trustworthy you need to consider rimless glasses and if you want to more distinctive with a better level of eye contrast then full-framed glasses will be for you.

Do you agree with Helmut Leaders research and how different eye wear can make people look? Let us know in the comments section below!