Top 5 Color Coordinated Looks

Accessorizing is not about competing colors, but about complementing them to create a beautiful, easy on the eyes look. When getting dressed, first choose a focus color for your outfit, and simply accessorize around it. You can have some contrasting accents to draw attention to your base color, or choose a set of coordinating colors to keep the attention focused on the overall look. If you find your eyes darting around too much, you’ve probably got too much color competing for attention.

Here are our top 5 looks & tips on how to accessorize with sunglasses and rock a multi-colored outfit.

Orange // Dolce & Gabbana

Did someone say orange is the new black? I’m a sucker for orange: it’s bright, cheerful and feels just like summer. A beautiful pair of Dolce & Gabbana DG4278 sunnies adds a bold yet sophisticated touch, perfect for any formal day-time event such as a garden party.  Pairing the glasses with an Audrey orange floral dress ties the look together. Keep the jewelry and shoes simple with some yellow gold rings and a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps, so that the look remains streamline.

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Audrey Orange Floral dress, London Rd 9ct Gold Portobello Raindrop stack rings, Christian Louboutin pumps, Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

Dark Blue // Dior

Colorful sunglasses also work well with a casual look. You do not want every item to be the same color (we’re not in the business of camouflage after all) so matching your sunglasses to something more subtle such as a watch or phone case can complete the look without appearing over-planned. A pair of dark blue Dior DIORAMA1 glasses are perfect for a casual day out. With a simple grey top and purse, the attention will stay on the blue sunnies that bring out the accents on a pair of tropical print shorts.

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Grey tie-front crop top, Mango tropical print shorts, Dorothy Perkins crossbody bag, Navy Blue Love Anchor case, Laruze Paris L’electrique Lezard Leather watch, Dior Diorama sunglasses.


Red // Dolce & Gabbana

When you want to be the life of the party, go for a red look will boost your confidence, and leave you feeling powerful yet glam. You cannot go wrong with a pair of Dolce & Gabbana DG4302B lenses with beautiful rose detailed arms. Go hard or go home with this look.

Keep the dress a shade lighter than your accessories to make them stand out. You can pair the glasses with a red clutch, some red heart studs, and if you’re feeling a little bit extra, some red lipstick.

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Lela Rose Sleeveless Leaf-Print Gazaar Gown, Louise et Cie Clutch, Betsey Johnson Heart Stone Stud Earrings, Lipstick Queen Women’s Sinner Matte Opaque Lipstick, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses

Green // Prada

Color can also be used in a more subtle way. Using a darker, more mellow color you can keep the look on the down-low, yet still stylish. Try out a pair of the green Prada PR 16RS for something more subtle. For this look you will probably want to accessorize quite gently. Match your nail polish and shoes for balance. A black and white crop top and skirt will work well with a simple necklace, not drawing attention to any specific item but rather the look as a whole.

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Dolce & Gabbana cotton cropped top, Women’s basic stretchy swing mini skater  skirt, Steve Madden olive mid-calf high heel boots, dark green nail polish, Marni crystal, horn and leather necklace, Prada PR sunglasses 


Yellow // MaxMara

If there is one color people are most afraid of, it is yellow. Fear not, yellow can make a fabulous outfit if combined well.

If there was ever a pair of suave yellow sunglasses, it would be these: the MaxMara Occhiali MM ILDE I. The combination of oak yellow and gold sets the perfect layout for an elegant outfit. You may want to accent the golden arms of the sunglasses with a felt, wide-brimmed hat and a simple gold bracelet. You can highlight the yellow accents with a grey and yellow scarf, which would pair extremely well with a belted black/camel dress. This way, you’re keeping your color tones relatively neutral and making your yellow sunglasses the star of the show.

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Eugenia Kim Rabbit-Felt wide rimmed hat, IIeana Makri Woman’s thread cuff, Infinity scarf, Phase Eight Abbey Belted Dress, MaxMara Sunglasses

Whichever color you decide upon, don’t forget that it’s all about composition. Treat your outfit like a piece of art: go for balance, expression and most important, have fun with it!

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