Top Eyewear Trends for Women in Spring 2022

top eyewear trends for women in spring 2022
Top Eyewear Trends for Women in Spring 2022

With the sunshine now beaming into our gardens, it is safe to say that Spring is well and truly here.

With the change in season comes brand new eyewear trends!

However, there is always some uncertainty about which type of eyewear to pick. It doesn’t matter whether you or your lady in question loves a bold look, or something a little more subtle, there is definitely something for everyone.

If you are unsure about which shapes and styles are currently in vogue this Spring ’22 season, then keep on reading to find out!


One of the most exciting eyewear trends for women this Spring 2022 season is the re-introduction of pastels. It is most definitely a trend for everyone, as so many different colour options are available. It is recommended that blonde and red haired ladies stick to pastel colours such as baby pink, light blue and mint green to best complement their fairer complexion. Brunette women are the lucky ones though, as they are best suited to pretty much any pastel colour!

Those ladies with darker skin tones can rock the more adventurous pastel shades such as yellows and oranges.

As a good starting point for this trend, we recommend trialling out this pair of StepperS STS-93010 sunglasses from us here at SelectSpecs. These pale pink lenses complete with the gold thin metal frame help to make these glasses a great introduction to this trend!

StepperS STS-93010

Gradient Lenses

Another eyewear trend that is due to blow up in Spring ’22 are gradient lenses. Even though this quirky style has been around for quite some time, it seems as though gradient lenses are finally getting their time to shine!

A perfect way to stand out from the crowd with your eyewear, gradient lenses leaning towards the brown and pink tones are most suitable for those with warmer complexions. Whereas, lenses with green and blue gradient hues are best suited to cooler skin tones.

Be bold and make a statement with this pair of Ray-Ban RB3583N examples from our online eyewear store, SelectSpecs. The beautiful blue and purple gradient lenses are just strikingly wonderful and will certainly make any Spring look complete!

Ray-Ban RB3583N

White Frames

White frames are due to be a huge trend within the world of ladies’ eyewear this Spring season. Understated and subtle, this trend will be a sure winner with a lot of women that wish to tone down their look.

Due to the forgiving nature of this colourway, white frames are suitable to be worn even after Spring is long gone. They will be sure to perk up a look in any season!

Our top recommendation for this season are this pair of HYPE HYPEFOLDER sunnies from us here at SelectSpecs. The simple shape of these sunglasses are a great introduction to this trend, as they can be worn with pretty much any outfit. The blue tinted lenses also help to add a slight contrast to the shades, giving a bit more interest.


Angular Frames

Another big trend for this season is the return of angular frames. Cat eye shaped sunnies became a popular eyewear choice a few years ago. It has finally made its inevitable revival in the form of angular framed sunglasses.

If you are looking for more of an adventurous eyewear look this season, then angular frames are definitely right up your street!

We recommend that you try these JOOP Eyewear 7378 options from us here at SelectSpecs for the perfect way for you to get on board with this trend.

JOOP Eyewear 7378


This is another trend that a lot of people were expecting to reappear! Aviators are back, and back with a vengeance!

They are definitely one of the most classic eyewear styles here and for good reason. Aviators have become such a signature eyewear trend over time and never fail to reappear most seasons. Their iconic yet statement shape have become somewhat of a normality in eyewear and it’s not hard to see why.

However, if you are just getting into the aviator trend, we highly recommend these Ray-Ban RB3689 AVIATOR METAL II options from us here at SelectSpecs. They are just so effortlessly wearable and will be a key piece in any of your upcoming looks, that’s for sure!


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