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Why You Should Opt For Transition & Varifocal Lenses

Bare prescription lenses won’t shield your eyes from the blinding sun. Here’s why you should move on from basic frames to varifocals with transition lenses instead.

2 Pairs of Glasses in 1

You are probably aware of how transition lenses are a great convenience to have. They will save you from walking around with two pairs of glasses, which can be quite burdensome.

Our Drivewear DW1 range work well with transition lenses. They work just like magic; one minute they are clear as crystal and the next as dark as the night sky. This collection can be added to single focal lenses as well as varifocals lenses.

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Adaptable To Your Eyewear Needs

The great thing about these glasses? They allow you to adapt to a lifestyle that suits your needs.

When you are outdoors in the sun or even in the cold, the lenses transform effortlessly into a darker shade that will still allow you to see objects as clearly as possible.

You don’t even have to worry about choosing a particular frame. Transitions are suitable for all types of frames and can be fitted regardless of size.

The Transition Period

The lenses balance out during a short transition period when you relocate from outdoor to indoors.

You might return to your work desk only to find out that everything you were viewing now appears to be at a darker shade.

It may just take a few seconds for the lenses to reset themselves. This can be quite misleading, but simply wait for the lenses to return to normal.

Why Do You Need Varifocals?

Wearing varifocals requires you to make regular adjustments to prevent annoying blurs creeping in by positioning your head at various angles to suit your vision.

This means you that will need to gradually tilt your head down to see from the top window of the lenses as well as lifting your head up to help you read through the lower window.

You can wear Varifocals freely if you have been prescribed two lenses in one – for both the short sighted and long sighted.

Varifocals can be worn with transition lenses during the summer and cold months without the need to switch between glasses.

Advanced technology now allows for multiple lenses to be fitted with your glasses, which doesn’t pose any added issues.

Opt for transition lenses and varifocals during the upcoming summer – it’s as easy as ABC. You will love reading outdoors as well with your new pair of varifocals and transition specs.

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