Our Favourite £10 Wayfarer Sunglasses – In Every Colour!

£10 wayfarer sunglasses bright colours

Just like aviators, wayfarer sunglasses are an all time classic and a style that suits just about everyone. If you’re shopping on a tight budget for your next festival or holiday, here are 10 of our favourite £10 wayfarers. At just a tenner a pop, you can get one for every day of the week and you’ll have a spare pair of cool wayfarer sunglasses for every occasion.

Here are some of the best cheap wayfarer shades for just £10, available in every colour of the rainbow from our budget Savannah range. If you love colour, you won’t be able to resist these…

Yellow Wayfarer Sunglasses £10

These £10 sunnies are the ultimate style choice for summer. They are bright, fun and perfect for brightening up a festival outfit. The colour looks great on both men and women and it will give any ensemble an instant pop and a burst of summery goodness.

Sunglasses season is coming… | Prescription sunglasses from #SelectSpecs start from £20 ☀️?☀️

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Get the look with these happy go lucky bright yellow Savannah 8121 sunglasses. yellow wayfarers £10 cheap

Green Wayfarer Sunglasses £10

This minty teal / turquoise frame is definitely the colour of the season. It’s a refreshing hue that brings your wardrobe to life and looks just as great on men as it does on women. Mix and match with other bright colours in your wardrobe for the ultimate summer festival look.

Feeling hot? @thealywolfe shows us how to look cool in the heat, with our £9 Savannah 8122 #sunglasses of course ☀️?☀️   A photo posted by SelectSpecs.com (@selectspecs) on

Style these frames with a hot red lip like @thealywolfe and buy the green Savannah 8121 sunglasses now. cheap wayfarer sunglasses £10 green

Pink Wayfarer Sunglasses £10

Pink sunglasses aren’t just for women, we promise you that. In fact, one of our customers was seen wearing the prescription version of these Savannah frames and he is totally rocking the pink specs appeal! A great colourway for girly girls, punk rock boys or hipster types with rainbow locks and a twirly moustache. 😉

If you love how customer March is working the pink to make the girls wink, get your hands on the pink Savannah 8121 wayfarer sunglasses at a bargain price. pink wayfarer sunglasses £10

Blue Wayfarer Sunglasses £10


Our #Fashion Ambassadors Laura and Barry popped into our shop today to try on some #glasses! What do you think? A photo posted by SelectSpecs.com (@selectspecs) on

Like our entire Savannah sunglasses range, these super cool wayfarers come prescription ready and feature UV400 protection lenses, which means that you will get 100% filtering from harmful UV rays. So it just goes to show that affordability doesn’t have to compromise quality. Get the look with these blue Savannah S8122 wayfarers which come with a narrower frame than the 8121. blue wayfarer sunglasses

Red Wayfarer Sunglasses £10

If you want a loud colour that looks great across the seasons, red will make you stand out from the crowd and will work well with an all year round wardrobe. Red is a bold, daring colour made for those who don’t shy away from the limelight.

So if you don’t mind being the centre of attention, get your hands on a pair of these bright red Savannah 8121 classic sunglasses from SelectSpecs! red wayfarer sunglasses £10 cheap 2016

Black Wayfarer Sunglasses £10

The Savannah S8122 black wayfarer shades are a must-have and they look great for summer or winter. Black is a classic colour that harmonises with anything that you’re wearing so you can get the most wear out of these sunglasses for just about any occasion. These are the everyday go-to sunglasses. black wayfarer sunglasses £10

Brown Wayfarer Sunglasses £10


Love the casual wayfarer look but want something a bit more sophisticated? Then opt for a classy hue such as the 8121 Savannah sunglasses in brown. These shades have the ability to blend in seamlessly with your wardrobe and will look just as great with formal attire as with a holiday dress. They’re super versatile! brown wayfarer sunglasses £10

For more summer sunglass trends check out festival shades inspired by our favourite celebrities!


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